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Join Day of Solidarity

A Day of Solidarity for George Floyd and other victims of police violence is planned for Thursday, June 4th in Jacksonville. Organized by the Jacksonville Women's March and community partners, the observance includes concrete actions people can take to demonstrate their commitment to economic and social justice.

The day will end with a Remembrance for George Floyd and Victims of Police Violence starting at 6:30 pm in front of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) on Bay Street. Organizers emphasize this is a peaceful gathering with participation by clergy and community activists.

Presenters will focus on the need for transparency, release of body cam footage, investigation of all JSO shootings going forward by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and the institution of a Citizens Review Board, as well as increased emphasis on economic and social justice.

Organizers suggest the following actions to pay tribute to Floyd and other victims:

  • Wear black to show that you know black lives do matter

  • Donate to a local cause that supports racial justice, such as the Jacksonville Community Action Committee and Black Mama Bailout Fund

  • Put a sign in your car window:

    • “Justice For George"

    • “Justice for ALL Victims of Police Violence”

    • “I Believe in Racial Justice & Equality”

  • Send an email to City Council Members, Sheriff Williams, and Mayor Curry demanding transparency and accountability, especially in release of body camera footage.

  • Attend the George Floyd Remembrance Thursday evening, 6:30 pm

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