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Action Alert - Week of January 11

Civic Sanity Is Possible - Lot J Defeated!

After an outpouring of concern by citizens, local media and City Council Members, the deeply flawed development proposal for Lot J fell one vote short of approval last night.

Many thanks to all the members of BAM, OurJax, NAACP, Mandarin Indivisible, and the many other groups and individuals who took the time to write and call City Council members and rally others to do the same. The Mayor and the Jags made this a difficult stand to take, so please make the time to thank the Council members who stood up for transparent process & a balancing of taxpayer interests: Danny Becton, Matt Carlucci, Randy DeFoor, Garrett Dennis, Al Ferraro, Tommy Hazouri, and Joyce Morgan. If you don't already have emails & phone numbers handy, you can find them on the BAM website's Get Involved page.

Beaches Watch "State of the Beaches"

Earlier this week, Beaches Watch hosted a Zoom meeting featuring Neptune Beach Mayor Elaine Brown, Atlantic Beach Mayor Ellen Glasser and Jacksonville Beach Mayor Chris Hoffman. Each of the beach mayors talked about the state of their cities: 2020 accomplishments, plans for 2021, and state legislative session priorities for their city. Citizens also had an opportunity to ask questions. Click here to view a recording of the meeting.

Saturday, January 16 - 'Build Back Better' Caravan & Drive-In Rally

Women's March, Northside Coalition, Duval Dems and a host of other groups are organizing a Car Caravan & rally to give local progressives a way to safely get together and celebrate the coming inauguration of the Biden-Harris administration. The original plan was for progressive groups from across the city to organize car caravans - decorated with appropriate signage - which will converge downtown at the SEIU headquarters for some celebratory speeches. As events in Washington have raised the national temperature and new security concerns, the organizers are still conferring about exact details and routes. If you want more information about this event, email us at and we'll see that you get updates as we have them.

Monday, January 18 - MLK March

With Covid counts continuing to climb here in Duval, many of us are staying inside to avoid the virus. But next Monday is the 40th annual Martin Luther King day - a tempting time to stand up for Dr. King's goals of equity and inclusion. The Duval Dems are organizing a group to join this year's march. For more information on timing and logistics click here.

Scott, Rubio, Rutherford & Impeachment

It's nearly impossible to believe that this time last week we were still absorbing the happy news of dual Senate victories in Georgia (and many thanks to all of you whose postcards, calls and donations helped win those victories!) A few hours later we would witness the nightmare of an insurgent mob overrunning the nation's Capitol and temporarily disrupting the House & Senate's acceptance of Joe Biden's Electoral College victory. As more details continue to emerge, it's clear the events of last week have finally begun to challenge Trump's robust popularity - and launched a national reckoning on GOP efforts in recent years to undermine public confidence in government and the electoral system. Sadly, all 3 of the men who represent us in Washington have been part of that effort. Many of us wrote our elected representatives last week to urge them NOT to challenge the Electoral College votes. Wearing as it is to write again when we are so often dismissed, in this critical moment for the nation's future, we need to insist on being heard.

Finally, though we know the impact of petitions like these is limited, is carrying one urging expulsion of the Senators who tried to overturn the election and there is satisfaction simply in signing. Click here to add your name.

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