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Action Alert - We're Not Done Yet!

Roll Up Your Sleeves, We're Not Done Yet!

We expected to be sending you Thursday night party details this morning and urging everyone to take a well-deserved rest.  But though there's no doubt Joe Biden & Kamala Harris have won a historic victory, there is more work to do today.  Please DO plan to join us for BAM's celebration meeting this Thursday night at 7 (more info below.)  But before that, consider these important actions:

Phone Bank to Cure Votes in North Carolina

With 97% of the vote counted, the margins in North Carolina continue to narrow in both the Presidential and Senate races.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a third Senate run-off to work on? 

Best of all, there is still time to help Democratic voters whose mail-in ballots were rejected "cure" the problem and get their votes counted.  The final deadline for supporting documentation to reach election officials in NC is Thursday, November 12, at 5 pm. North Carolina Democrats are hosting phone banks every day until then to reach out to these voters. Many of our members have experience doing this work here in Duval. If you can help our friends in NC, please sign up here.

Urge Rubio & Scott to Honor the Vote

As the nation waits, perhaps indefinitely, for Donald Trump to concede defeat, it's infuriating to see our own Senators contribute to his narrative that there's something fishy or illegitimate about the Biden-Harris victory.  They need to hear from us.  America has a lot to be proud of in the fact that we have just held a well-attended and largely trouble-free election.  The peaceful transfer of power from one set of elected officials to another is the bedrock of our democracy. It's time to put that process in motion. Please call or email today.

How to Help The Georgia Senate Races

As we look toward the two critical Senate run-offs in Georgia, one hopeful way to help has already come in.  The Civics Center is a project launched by a former law clerk of Justice Ginsberg's that focuses on registering young voters.  As their recent blog post details, about 23,000 young people who were not eligible to vote in November will be eligible to vote in the January run-off.  If you want to write postcards to those young potential voters, or donate money to support the effort, click here.

We'll send more information on more ways to get involved as they come in.  Meantime, please forward this to any friends who are still biting their nails.

Come Toast Our Victory - 7 pm, Nov 12

Join us for a Zoom celebration of the hard work we've all put into this vital year.  We've invited our local candidates, members and leaders of the groups we've partnered with in the work, and everyone who's been reading these emails.  To get the Zoom link, RSVP here.  And feel free to invite friends, relatives, anyone who wants to join in the festivities.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone - sharing stories & celebrating the candidates who put themselves on the line for their vision of the future.  It's only fair to warn you this is intended to be more of a party than an annual report. (We'll get to that in December.)  Expect jokes & war stories, not powerpoints. 

The one thing we would love is pictures.  If you took pictures as you waved signs, wrote postcards, lit dropped or cured votes, please send them to us at

See you Thursday!

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