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Action Alert - Push to the Finish!

“Red states, blue states, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Liberals. I believe from the bottom of my heart, we can do it. People ask me, why are you so confident Joe? Because we are the United States of America.”     - Joe Biden

We Can Win but We Can't Relax Yet

Thanks to the hard work of this group and thousands more like it, Florida shows a better than even chance of turning Blue this election. Our dominance in Vote-by-Mail gave us a significant lead in early voting. But as every pundit and pol predicted, that lead has shrunk throughout the two weeks of early voting.

Turning out the vote tomorrow - and protecting the votes that have been cast - are our two remaining essential tasks.  Thanks to everyone who is helping staff the Vote Cure phone banks and in person canvasses.  We'll send out more information shortly on additional Voter Protection actions to take if Trump fulfills his promises to challenge any result but his own victory.  But right now there is important work to do today & tomorrow to GET OUT THE VOTE so we want to get this newsletter out.  Stay tuned for another on Voter Protection if it's needed.

Beaches Lit Drop - Today at AB Panera - 9 a.m.

Join Beaches Dems & Jacksonville Young Democrats this morning at the Atlantic Beach Panera.  Wear you mask and come pick up slate information to leave on the doorsteps of registered Dems who will vote tomorrow.  Click here to sign up - or just come.

Monday & Tuesday: Duval Dems' Phone-a-thon

Today & tomorrow, help reach out to registered Democrats who haven't voted yet. The goal of this exercise is to reach every single one of them with the information they need and enough motivation to power them to the polls tomorrow.  Sign up now for multiple sessions today and tomorrow.

Help Local Candidates Cross the Finish Line

Donna Deegan has put out a call for 3 kinds of help:

Joshua Hicks also needs help at the Beaches:

  • Final text bank for Josh today at 2:30 pm.

  • Today & Election Day - phone bank with Josh & the Human Rights Campaign to turn out equality voters.

Election Night Watch Party - 7-10 pm

If you want to watch the returns come in with a like-minded crowd while staying Covid-safe, the Duval Dems are hosting a drive-in election night watch party.  There will be food trucks, a big screen, and a live DJ.  RSVP for more details and the location.

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