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Not Normal - May 6, 2024

This is Not a Normal Election

Time Magazine last week released a stunning interview with the presumptive GOP nominee for president, complete with transcripts and fact checks. The piece details his previously announced plans to expand the power of the presidency, and how he would use this power. This includes mass deportations, weaponization of the Departments of Justice and Defense, and potential pardons for those convicted in the January 6th assault on the Capitol. Reaction to the article, which predictably lasted one news cycle, was alarm from pundits on the left and a collective shrug from almost everyone else. How is this possible? The former president is not a normal candidate and this is not a normal election. Blame it on a distorted nostalgia for the former President's first term, the blind fealty of the GOP, or simply the inability of most Americans to recognize the fragility of our democracy. It is a sad fact that we are unlikely to see a similar interview with President Biden covering his second-term plans:

  • Continued investments to grow the economy, jobs, and workers' wages,

  • Restoration of voting and reproductive rights,

  • Expanded access to health care,

  • Credible judicial appointments,

  • Support for international allies, and humane immigration policies,

  • Strengthening public education, and

  • Mitigation of climate change, among other priorities.

Biden is a good man, his opponent is not. He wants to strengthen and protect -- not tear down -- our democracy. It is up to us to make the case. This means talking to friends, neighbors, and family who may have a very different take on the candidates and what's at stake in 2024. It means getting involved --- canvassing, phone- and text banking, sign-waving, poll watching,  postcarding, and more!  Sign up today and we'll make sure you know about voter engagement and outreach opportunities. The 2024 election is just six months away! 

Help GOTV for School Board Elections in August

Families for Strong Public Schools and Public School Defenders Duval County are organizing a nonpartisan voter education and outreach campaign in two key school board districts to raise awareness about the importance of voting in the August 20th election. Although no school board race is on the Beaches ballot, four other seats are up for election and include candidates supported by Moms for Liberty and other groups committed to dismantling public education. As recent activities to consolidate and close Atlantic Beach Elementary and other neighborhood schools attest, we have a stake in the outcome of the school board elections whether or not our district is on the ballot. The groups plan to canvass NPA voters in Districts 3 and 7 to make sure they know they are eligible to vote and turn out for the school board election, which is held with the primary election. School board elections are nonpartisan and all eligible voters (DEM, GOP & NPA) can cast a ballot. Complete this form if you'd like to join BAM in supporting their efforts. The groups will be handing out nonpartisan information urging NPA voters to do their homework and vote for candidates committed to high-quality public education, supporting teachers, and ensuring every child has the freedom to learn. Email Katie Hathaway if you have questions or need additional information.

It's this week! Join us for the virtual kick-off of Joyful Resistance: Together, We Win! 2024 Get-Out-The-Vote Summit featuring political commentator and author Steve Phillips! Invited leaders of community organizations and advocacy groups will meet on May 8th in Jacksonville to plan strategies and strengthen their collaboration in getting out the vote for the 2024 election. The summit is hosted by BAM, Indivisible Mandarin and Indivisible Jax Riverside in partnership with the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, Florida for All and Floridians for Democracy. The event is supported by a GROW grant from national Indivisible. RSVP for the virtual opening session here.

Veep Kamala Harris Visits!

There were lots of familiar faces from the Beach at last week's visit to Jacksonville by Vice-President Kamala Harris! Harris marked the start of Florida's six-week abortion ban on May 1st by underscoring the importance of the 2024 election to restoring reproductive rights. 

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Only 183 days until the 2024 election!

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