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Democracy Needs Us Now - June 10, 2024

"We’re living in a time when democracy is more at risk across the world than at any point...since these beaches were stormed in 1944. Now, we have to ask ourselves: Will we stand against tyranny, against evil...? Will we stand for freedom?  Will we defend democracy?  Will we stand together?  My answer is yes.  And it only can be yes."

President Joe Biden, 80th Anniversary of D-Day, June 5, 2024

The Nation's - and Florida's Stark Choice

Last week's Zoom meeting featuring veteran social justice activist and Tallahassee lobbyist Pamela Burch Fort was an eye-opening call to arms for all Floridians who believe in democracy, voting & human rights, public education, and sane engagement with our shared problems. Her detailed recap of horrific bills passed, important bills never considered, and the heroic efforts that kept numerous worse things from happening in her 45th legislative session made us all grateful that people with her skills and passion are still fighting for our values. 

This is what politics looks like when today's GOP holds super majorities in both legislative chambers and the Governor's office: a focus almost exclusively on culture war issues and ballot suppression, no action on critical issues like affordable housing or the cost of insurance. 

Our speaker's call to action applies both to Florida and the national picture: "The time to shock people is now. The time for action, is now. We have to make people understand the power of their vote - and we have to do it now." If you missed the presentation, view it here.  If you're ready to take action, please choose at least one item from the rest of this newsletter and let's get busy!

What Life Under Trump Would Look Like

Incredible as it may seem, poll after poll shows the majority of Americans aren't spending much time thinking about politics right now.  This makes basic information sharing an essential election year task. We'll continue to provide an ongoing list of the positive reasons to want a second Biden term, but if you have undecided friends, please share some or all of these points with them.

Political commentator & filmmaker Bob Cesca recently published this list on X (formerly, Twitter). Drawing from the Heritage Foundation's Project 2025, the blueprint for Trump's next term, and from Trump's own campaign statements, he offers this capsule view of what a Trump victory in November would mean:

  • Abortion will be banned nationwide.

  • Contraception will be banned shortly after that.

  • The Supreme Court will be locked hard-right for the next 30+ years.

  • The climate crisis will significantly worsen, beyond our ability to mitigate it.

  • More tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, spiking the deficit.

  • Trump will not leave office.

  • There will be a recession (there's been a recession during every Republican presidency for the last 100 years -- Google it).

  • Prices will NOT return to 2019 levels.

  • 50,000 federal workers will be fired and replaced with Trump loyalists per Project 2025. The lack of checks on his power will make it more likely he will remain in office beyond his term.

  • Similarly, the Department of Justice will shift to being under the direct control of the White House, allowing Trump to arrest anyone who's been mean to him.

  • Russia will annex Ukraine then move to invade other eastern European nations, probably Poland first—with Trump's support.

  • America will leave NATO.

  • Trump will, as promised, close the pandemic preparedness office.

  • Millions of citizens will be swept up in Trump's deportation blitz.

  • Trump will use the military to arrest peaceful protesters and charge them under the Insurrection Act.

  • Pro-Palestinian protesters will be deported as Hamas sympathizers.

Let's Start by Talking to Our Neighbors!

Studies show the most effective way to cut through the noise and disinformation of social media and right-wing networks is by engaging in conversations with family, friends and neighbors about the issues that are important to us.  One-on-one conversations are also the best way to reach the"double haters"--- potentially pivotal voters who are not enthralled with either candidate and contemplating not voting at all.

BAM is joining other groups across the state in launching Neighbor2Neighbor, an innovative, relational door-knocking program organized by Indivisible in House, Senate, and Presidential battlegrounds. You read that right! They are targeting Florida as a state that could vote blue! This approach complements traditional canvassing by capitalizing on community ties between neighbors. It provides an opportunity to get to know like-minded neighbors who may be isolated in our overwhelmingly red area. 

As a Neighbor2Neighbor volunteer, instead of being given a long list of strangers, you’ll get a short list of your own neighbors, along with a simple script, some best practices, and a printable handout to leave behind. There’s no app to download and you can have these conversations on your own time. A Neighbor2Neighbor pilot in the 2022 midterms showed it was twice as impactful as traditional GOTV methods. Interested? Contact BAM Board member Nancy Staatswho has agreed to serve as a Neighbor2Neighbor captain for our group. We all know what's at stake in November --- our freedoms and our democracy. Sign up today and be a part of this proven GOTV strategy!

Come Meet & Support Rachel Grage

Many of the worst bills passed by the 2024 Florida Legislature were either co-sponsored or supported by Kiyan Michael, the self-described "DeSantis Republican" currently representing our district in Tallahassee.  We are very fortunate that Rachel Grage, a smart, energetic Democrat, is running to replace Michael this year.  Come meet her this Wednesday night from 5:30-7:30.  Click here to RSVP

Friday, June 14 is Flag Day - Fly Yours Proudly

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Only 148 days until the 2024 election!

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