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BAM & Indivisible Mandarin Join Forces for 2022 Legislative Briefing

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

On Thursday, January 20 Beaches Activists Movement (BAM) and Indivisible Mandarin (MI) will host a joint Legislative Briefing for their members via Zoom. This is the first of several planned online collaborations while Covid keeps us from gathering in person. Come meet fellow progressives and learn what we can all do to have an impact on Tallahassee this year.

2022 promises to be a challenging Florida legislative session. In addition to state-wide redistricting controlled by the GOP-dominated House & Senate, this session promises more attacks on women's reproductive rights and LGBTQ protections, more efforts to undermine local control on a host of issues, more efforts to undermine and distort the voting process, and more efforts by Governor DeSantis to use the power of his office and the state budget to forward his own political career at the expense of the citizens of Florida.

But we know from past years, many of the worst bills lose steam if enough voters speak out against them. There are also worthy bills that deserve our support – on everything from extending Medicaid benefits, to revoking last year's unconstitutional anti-protesting bill, to guaranteeing abortion rights for Floridians.

Get an overview of this session's critical issues and how you can track and influence them from speakers Lanelle Phillmon, President of the Jacksonville League of Women Voters, Judy Sheklin of Jacksonville NOW, and Dr. Nancy Staats of Doctors Fighting Covid. Finally, Tracye Polson will join us with a brief update on her campaign for At-Large Duval Council Seat, Group #3.

All are welcome, but registration is required. Click here to register for the event and submit questions for the speakers.

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