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BAM Has a Plan! Help Make it Happen.

BAM's Duval Blue Plan Needs Your Help

Thanks to all of you, BAM's been busy all year working toward victory in the upcoming midterms. In the final weeks of this critical election cycle we need additional funds for one specific project: Targeting Social Media Ads to likely progressive voters via an enhanced voter data platform.

Social Media -- an effective way to reach across Duval

Our test of this platform during the August primary reached about 8,500 voters and drew more than 500 to click through and use our Election Guide. Now we want to expand our use of this tool to boost November turnout.

How Does It Work?

Multiple paid Facebook & Instagram posts will target selected voters urging Vote-by-Mail, highlighting key issues at stake this year, and offering a link back to BAM's Voter Guide to the candidates & issues. A great way to target younger voters we need at the polls.

Please help us raise $3000 to target and activate more than 30,000 Duval voters. Click here to donate.

Perilous times call for special measures

BAM hasn't solicited election-specific funds in the past, but our country is confronting unprecedented challenges to democracy itself. Your contributions will be spent efficiently to promote democratic values and elect candidates who support them. Please give generously. Thank you for your engagement and anything you can contribute to this important project.

You can mail a check to BAM, 1015 Atlantic Blvd, #487, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233.


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