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Action Alert - Week of September 28

I don’t think we should be moving forward with a nominee in the last year of this president’s term...I would say that even if it was a Republican president.”  - Senator Marco Rubio, March 2016

Call Senators Rubio & Scott Today

On Saturday many of us rallied downtown to honor the memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and to insist her replacement be chosen by the President the voters will select in just 5 weeks. On Sunday in a Delaware speech, candidate Joe Biden urged "every Senator to take a step back from the brink. Take off the blinders of politics for just one critical moment and stand up for the Constitution you swore to uphold."  Reinforce that message.  Remind Rubio of his own words four years ago.  Remind both Senators that we are watching.

  • Senator Rubio: 202-224-3041

  • Senator Scott:  202-224-5274

Those calls are an important part of standing up for what you believe. The other part is doing all we can to insure this election puts control of the Senate into Democratic hands. That once unlikely goal is now within reach, but only by polling odds of about 55%. If you have ever considered donating to swing state Senatorial candidates, now is the time. To learn more about close races, click here.

Cast Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot Now!

If you signed up for Vote by Mail your ballot is either in your hands or arriving any day now. Now comes the fun part -- voting for the people & policies you support. 

  • For guidance on the logistics and timing of voting, plus information on candidates, ballot measures, etc. go to BAM's 2020 Election Guide.

  • To avoid problems with the Post Office, mail your ballot now!  Or at least well before October 18.

  • To avoid mailing it entirely: deliver it directly to the secured VBM drop box at all early voting sites October 19 - November 1.

  • To be sure it's been received and counted check the status of your ballot here.

Tuesday, September 29 - First Presidential Debate

The first debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, will be televised live this week from 9-10:30 p.m. Chris Wallace, the anchor of Fox New Sunday, will moderate solo. Announced topics will include both men's records, the Supreme Court, the pandemic, the economy, race and violence in cities, and the integrity of the election. The debate will be carried on channels including CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC and MSNBC.  And if the anxiety of this season is already too much for you, feel free to skip it and read about it on Wednesday.

Jax Beach Candidate Forum - Thursday, October 1

Join a Zoom forum to meet and assess the candidates running for local offices in Jacksonville Beach. This event, sponsored by Beaches Watch, will run from 7-8:30 p.mClick here for more details and the Zoom link.

Inside and Outside Poll Watchers Needed

The Duval Democratic Voter Protection Team still needs volunteers.  Previously we described two options: Poll Watching - working inside a polling place to monitor fair treatment of voters, or Ballot Advocate - working from home via email and phone to help voters whose ballots are rejected "cure" the problem and get their voted counted.  Now there is a third potential role.

The Voter Protection team also needs trained observers stationed outside the polls during early voting and on election day to insure no one interferes with voters' access to the polls. If you've been reluctant to do Poll Watching inside due to Covid, please consider serving as an outside poll watcher or as a ballot advocate at home.  Training for all these roles begins with this signup sheet

When in Doubt, Send Money or Deliver Literature!

With just weeks to go in this election season, we all have a dwindling window of opportunity to shape the outcome.  Whatever you've done in the past, whatever you've given to candidates so far, whatever you've intended to do but not gotten around to - now is the time to act.

  • Donate what you can spare to the candidates you believe in.  Every little bit helps and all our little bits add up!

  • Duval Dems Lit Drop - Saturday, October 3

  • Individual candidates need help with sign waving, phone banking, etc.  Find them all on Mobilize.

And forward this post! Make sure all your like-minded friends are as involved as you are.

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