On November 3, the nation will make momentous choices at all levels of government. The BAM 2020 Election Guide is intended to help you access the information you need to be an informed voter. Click on any of the word boxes below to go straight to the topic you want. Or just start at the top and read down. If you have questions you don't find answers for here, let us know at Engage!  Vote!  Make Change Happen!


In 2020, Florida will likely be a pivotal state in the Presidential race.  In addition, we'll select U.S. House Representatives and state legislators. Our ballots will also offer Floridians judges for merit retention, a variety of local offices, and six amendments to the state constitution. Locally, voters in Jacksonville will give thumbs up or down to referenda on a half cent sales tax to support schools, and changes in the way JEA Board members are selected. And at the Beaches, there are elections for mayor and city commission members, and local charter amendments to consider. All these choices deserve careful thought before you cast your vote.

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Ways to Vote! (And How & Where)

Vote by Mail

Looking for the Beaches Library Vote-by-Mail Drive-Through Drop Box?

Secure Vote-by-Mail drop box is located at the NW corner of the Beaches Library early voting site! For drive-thru, turn right into the north side parking lot of the library from the southbound lane of 3rd Street (A1A).

If you haven't voted your mail ballot, now's the time.  Follow the steps in the video to complete your ballot or download instructions here. 

Complete your ballot. BE SURE TO SIGN IT. Seal it following the directions on the return envelope.  But to be on the safe side, DO NOT MAIL IT.


Instead, drop it off at the secure drop box any early voting site between 7 am and 7 pm from now through November 1.  Click here for a complete list of Drop Boxes and a description of whether they are inside or outside of the polling place. The Drop Box at the Beaches library is drive-by, so you can deposit your mail ballot without leaving your car.  There is already a secure drop box at 105 E Monroe in front of the Supervisor's office. You can drop your ballot there weekdays 9-5.


Once you've submitted your ballot, track it here to see when it's counted.

After November 1 mail ballot holders have two final choices: You can take your mail ballot to the Supervisor's office on Tuesday, November 3.  Or you can go to your regular polling place, get an ordinary ballot and vote it.  Local polling places WILL NOT take your VBM ballot on Election Day.

Early Voting: October 19-November 1

Avoid Election Day crowds and vote early in person October 19 through November 1 at the Beaches library or any early voting site. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Don't forget your ID and mask.

Election Day - November 3

Vote in person at your precinct on November 3 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Remember to bring your ID and mask. Check tips on election day voting here.

Your Ballot

Your Ballot

The Supervisor of Elections mails out sample ballots about 3 weeks before Election Day. To get a preview you can download, print out and mark up click here and fill in your personal information.

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National: President/Vice-President, Congress


The League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters created the website to offer nonpartisan information  about candidates running for President, Congress, and many local races. Enter your address to get your ballot and links to information about the candidates. Your ballot will also provide links to candidates running for the state legislature in District 11, Duval County Clerk of Courts, and Soil & Water Conservation Districts.



Beaches Democratic Club

Although BAM is a nonpartisan community group, our mission statement is clear: “to promote progressive ideals such as civil liberties, environmental conservation, and a fair and representative political process.” Those values are shared by our neighboring Beaches Democratic Club – with whom we have worked to register voters, promote vote-by-mail, and encourage informed and active citizens to shape our political process.  To see their candidate  recommendations click here.

More Beaches Information

Atlantic and Jacksonville Beach are also electing local candidates. Beaches Watch surveys candidates and hosts candidate forums prior to the election.​ BAM also sponsored a virtual forum with information and links. Check it out here.



The Florida Bar Association's Guide for Florida Voters provides broad information on judicial elections and merit retention. In addition, the Bar offers biographies of all the judges running for retention. Generally speaking the Bar recommends retention of sitting judges.

For a different perspective and some useful history consider this recent blog post by Bradenton attorney Adam Tebrugge.  Find out why he recommends voting NO on all the judges.


The Florida League of Women Voters offers its comprehensive analysis and recommendations on the six amendments to the Florida constitution on the 2020 ballot.

For a slightly different view, check out Ballotpedia, another nonprofit and nonpartisan source of well-researched information on these ballot issues that includes more pros and cons and information on the funding behind various measures.

Why the ACLU urges a NO vote on Amendments 1, 3 & 4.

Local Referenda

Duval County voters will consider two referenda on the 2020 ballot:

Check the Duval Dems slate card for recommendations.

For pros and cons on the Atlantic Beach charter amendment, click here and look at the bottom of the page..

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