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Action Alert - Week of November 16

"Give people light - and they will find the way." - Ella Baker

Monday, Nov 16 - Reserve Your Spot to Address Our Duval Delegation

A week from tomorrow, on November 23, the Duval Legislative Delegation will hold an organizational meeting to elect the Delegation's Chair & Co-Chair for the upcoming legislative season and to hold a general legislative public hearing. The meeting will be held in Jacksonville's City Council Chambers at 117 W. Duval Street from 1-5:00 pm.

Members of the public who want to address the delegation can request a two-minute slot by filling out this form. Deadline to email that form to the delegation's staff is tomorrow, November 16. Let them know about the issue that matters most to you.

DeSantis Takes Aim at Legal Protests

Whether you mention it to the Duval Delegation and/or write the Delegation and Governor directly, it's time to register your views of Governor DeSantis's plans to significantly increase criminal penalties for what many of us regard as our First Amendment rights. Under the terms of his proposed legislation protesters would:

  • Automatically be charged with a 3rd degree felony if involved in "disorderly assembly" (in the subjective judgement of the arresting officer)

  • Receive a minimum sentence of 6 months

  • Have no right to bail prior to their assigned court date.

  • Lose any prior government benefits

Click here for more on the latest iteration of the proposed legislation.

How to Help with Georgia's Senate Runoffs

We continue to gather information on ways to help register and turn out voters in the January runoff election that will determine two Senate races in neighboring Georgia. Check out the latest on our website at

How Did You Help Turn Duval Blue?

Despite Covid, BAM's membership was remarkably busy in 2020. Together we registered voters, signed them up for Vote-by-Mail, distributed candidate literature & slate information, phone- and text-banked, postcarded, sign-waved, vote cured and much more. As we prepare for our December meeting on Thursday, December 10, we'd love to hear from each of you about the work you did. This highly unscientific survey will help us paint a picture of our joint efforts we can all enjoy. Before it all disappears into a busy blur, please take a few minutes to tell us what you did to help build this year's Presidential victory.

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