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Action Alert - Week of June 14

"Democracy begins and grows in the open heart and the impetus to come together for a common cause."

- President Joe Biden

BAM Dreams Big About Riverfront Parks

If you missed last Thursday's BAM Zoom, you can still see this exciting presentation. Scenic Jacksonville's Nancy Powell and Jimmy Orth, of St. Johns Riverkeepers treated us to a visual tour of how other cities - many with NFL franchises - have made their riverfronts magnets for community engagement and development - and improved their resiliency to extreme weather. View the whole meeting here.

As the presentation shows, the city controls the rights to a majority of riverfront property on both sides of the river. Developing it in a community-focused, creative way is a rare opportunity we will lose if individual developers continue to nibble away piecemeal. Click to learn more about Riverfront Parks Now - the group urging the need for a master plan. At the bottom of that informational page you can sign up for their email list to get news of continuing developments.

The Jesse Ball DuPont Fund is leading a complimentary effort to survey how the public wants to see our riverfront developed. Take their brief survey and help create momentum for resilient, public use of these areas.

Would You Trade Marco Rubio for Val Demings?

According to political pros, Florida's Marco Rubio is one of only two incumbent Republican Senators likely to face a truly competitive race in 2022. If we want to expand Biden's ability to make change in Washington, this race is vital.

For those of who don't feel well represented in Congress now, it was encouraging when a March poll showed that though Rubio will not be easy to beat, he does have real areas of vulnerability. That vulnerability increased last week with Congresswoman Val Demings' entry into the race. Check out her announcement video here and stay tuned for an important campaign.

Help Protect Democratic Control in DC

Losing sleep over the news articles predicting Republicans will reclaim control of the House in 2022? You're not alone. With voter suppression measures passing in states across the country and the threat of more partisan gerrymandering based on last year's census, it is a real risk.

But tens of thousands of citizen groups like BAM are working nationwide to prevent that - along with entities like Emily's List, Swing Left, Indivisible, and the Democratic Senatorial & Congressional Campaign Committees. This new list from the DCCC spotlights 32 current Democratic Representatives who face tough challenges in 2022. Take a look and you may find some races that interest you personally. It's not too soon to contribute financially, or google the candidates & find other ways to help their campaigns.

Tuesday, June 15 - What's Our Plan for Victory in Duval County?

Find out by joining the Beaches Democratic Club Zoom at 7 pm. when Dr. Jennifer Cowart, Vice Chair of the Duval Democratic Party will outline the party's plans for turning Duval bluer in 2022. Click here to join the zoom.

Save the Date - July BAM Reunion!

After 16 long months of pandemic isolation, we're excited to announce that Adele Grage has reopened. Please plan to extend your 4th of July celebrations a few extra days and join us there the evening of July 8. As usual we'll be meeting at 7 p.m.

We'll be sending an official invitation shortly with more details about the evening's events. Expect food, fun, excellent company, and a chance to trade stories we've not been able to share in person about our hard work in 2020 and the new challenges of 2021. For now, save this date: July 8 7:00-8:30 pm. Looking forward to being together again!

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