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Action Alert - November 22

"In ordinary times, the party in power gets killed in the mid-terms. These are not ordinary times." - Andrew Tobias

Let's Count Our Blessings this Thanksgiving

As we gather with friends and family this week we have much to be thankful for. Joe Biden is president and Donald Trump is not. The Biden Infrastructure Bill is passed and poised not only to deliver life-changing improvements and upgrades the nation's roads, bridges, trains & public transit, but also to improve the electrical grid, extend access to high speed internet, mitigate the wildfires & coastal flooding brought to us by climate change and create millions of good jobs along the way. As Heather Cox Richardson's masterful summary of the bill makes clear - there is a lot to celebrate here.

We all see the challenge in next year's midterms, but there is strength and hope in being part of the party working for ordinary people, for equity under the law, for freedom to vote, for fixing rather than tearing down. For another positive messages to spread this holiday season consider:

Monday, Nov 22 - Poll Watcher Training @ 6 pm

The Duval Dems are recruiting Poll Watchers for our Special Unitary Election coming up on December 7. If you've never done it before, click here to sign up for tonight's Zoom training in the basic rules and regulations - and best practices for ensuring the rules are followed and all voters are treated equally.

If you've done this important job in the past, or to get a jump on tonight's training, click here to review the training materials.

This "Giving Tuesday" - Remember Local Media

Thanksgiving is a perfect time for charitable giving of all sorts. As we do ours this year we are fortunate to have several worthy local media outlets that deserve our support.

  • The Beaches Leader has been serving area Beaches communities since 1963. Help support this vital source of very local news & opinion with a print or email subscription.

  • The Tributary is a new web-based "nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom" focused on Jacksonville. Their excellent coverage of redistricting promises good things to come. Subscribe or donate here.

  • The Florida Phoenix is nonprofit news site staffed by 5 journalists based in Tallahassee. Frequently quoted in this newsletter, they offer their news for free and depend on donations to survive.

  • WJCT's new weekday email JAX Today is a new and interesting effort to provide timely, local news. Subscribe here and check them out. If you like what you see, consider a donation to their parent company.

Help Get Out the Vote for Dec 7 Special Election

Most experts predict the December election to fill Tommy Hazouri's seat will be decided by less than 10% of Jacksonville's registered voters. What can you do about that?

  1. Be sure you VOTE. If you have a mail-in ballot, mail it today. If not, early voting will be 10 am-6 pm, November 27 - December 5 at all early voting locations. Click here to find the one closest to you.

  2. Text Out the Vote. Join the Duval Dems and text registered voters to remind them of the upcoming elections. Click here to register.

  3. Support your candidate. Based on endorsements by like-minded groups and our own contact with the candidates, BAM believes Tracye Polson is the candidate who best reflects our values & vision for Jacksonville. If you support her candidacy, the Polson Campaign needs donations and volunteers for:

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