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Action Alert - November 11, 2022

"No effort is wasted . . . except worrying about the polls. Keep working, until the last vote is cast." - Robert Hubble

Election Day Finish Line Tomorrow

If you're one of the many voters who enjoys the bustle of formal Election Day, be sure nothing gets in the way of your vote tomorrow. Check BAM's Election Guide if you have any questions about individual races, amendments, or how & where to vote. If you're still debating races here at the beach, you'll find our Candidate Questionnaires & Mayoral Forum here.

If you voted by mail, you should check to be sure your vote's been counted. Most uncounted ballots are the result of signature problems, which are easily "cured" by following these instructions but these materials must reach the Supervisor of Elections by 5 pm on Nov 10. If you have any problems, email us.

Last Chance to Help Get Out the Vote

There are thousands of progressive voters in Duval who have not yet voted. And with the final clock ticking, there are still many ways to help get them to the polls. Find one that's right for you:

  • Duval Dems Virtual Phone Bank. Phone from home any time 9 AM-8 PM. Email instructions provided. Register here.

  • Signwaving At the Polls. Show the flag for Democratic candidates & pick your spot. Sign up here.

  • Beaches Signwaving for Brittany Norris. If Brittany's your choice for AB Mayor, join her local signwaving crew by emailing

  • Election Day Canvass with Duval Dems. Instead of sitting home worrying, join this experienced canvass team in a final outreach to area voters. Register here.

  • GOTV Caravan with Rep. Tracie Davis. Help create some excitement with an Election Day Caravan through key neighborhoods @ 5:30 PM. Register here.

GOTV for Georgia & North Carolina Senate Races

As a member of national Indivisible, BAM stays updated on the efforts of our sister groups in other states. In both Georgia & North Carolina, tight races for US Senate will have a vital role in determining control of the Senate. If you've been following those races and are interested in helping Raphael Warnock keep his seat in Georgia, or Cheri Beasley oust a sitting NC Republican, consider joining Indivisible's final National Phone Bank tonight, 11/7, from 6-8 PM. You can register here and choose which state you want to call.

Redistricting the JAX Way

Last Friday the Jacksonville City Council adopted a new redistricting map in a process that once again disappoints. Only Council Member Brenda Priestly Jackson opposed the new map, which does little to right the issues of racial gerrymandering the court ordered corrected. The Jax Tributary's detailed analysis & helpful graphics are background every concerned citizen should have. Then let the Council know what you think - and consider turning those thoughts into a Letter to the Editor as well. The citizens of our town deserve better.

Support Our Local News Sources

As the article above demonstrates, the Jax Tributary is an important source of local investigative journalism - with its excellent coverage not only of the Duval redistricting process, but a range of other local issues including breaking the story that Sheriff Mike Williams no longer lived in Duval County. As our friends at Mandarin Indivisible put it in a recent newsletter "This investigative team is performing a vital role in holding local officials accountable."

Those of us who appreciate this journalistic resource have a special opportunity to help it grow this month. From November 1-30, every dollar contributed will be triple matched by NewsMatch and the Jesse Ball Dupont Foundation up to $65,000. Please give generously and help build this solid source of local news.

This Week's News Picks

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