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Action Alert - March 9

"We are stronger today than we were a year ago. And we will be stronger a year from now than we are today. Now is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges of our time. And we will, as one people. One America." - Joe Biden, 2022 State of the Union

How to Help Ukraine

It's difficult to engage with the news these days, as America's own political dysfunctions take a back seat to Russia's unjustified attack deepening hold on Ukraine. If you're looking for ways to help, consider a few suggestions.

First, now is the time to call Senators Scott & Rubio to urge their support for the citizens of Ukraine. Mandarin Indivisible has created a useful script you can adapt with your own words. But call today.

Call: Rep. Rutherford, Sen. Rubio, Sen. Scott, Alejandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security at (202) 282-8495 (DHS comment line)

Script:Hi, I'm a concerned citizen calling from [zip]. I’m glad the US is offering Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to the 75,100 Ukrainian people currently living here. We should also follow the EU’s lead and allow Ukranians to bypass the usual asylum process to make this terrible time as easy as possible on them. Also, we need to support the Ukrainian military with funding now. Next week will be too late.

To make your own donations to Ukrainian relief, this article outlines a creative way to direct cash straight to Ukrainians via AirBnB. Or consider:

Creating a Winning Strategy for 2022

BAM's Board met last Saturday to map our plans for the coming year. One item we all agreed on: We are tired of losing. And we are not alone.

A number of progressive local groups are meeting this week to develop a Duval-wide plan for ensuring like-minded candidates win in 2022, '23, '24 and beyond. Watch this newsletter for bulletins as plans take shape, but we know the work ahead will include the basic building blocks of Voter Registration, Vote by Mail signups, & Getting out the Vote by phone, text, postcard and door to door canvassing. Get ready to work and start recruiting friends to help.

If you haven't already updated your training in Voter Registration, sign up now for one of the FDP's Saturday morning Zoom trainings. And stay tuned for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Why Are Good Democrats Losing When Republicans Are So Crazy?

Tracye Polson never urged defunding the police. Yet that false accusation dogged her campaign and helped elect Nick Howland. Another top priority emerging from BAM's Board meeting & the discussions leading to this week's Duval coalition gathering is our need to communicate more effectively with voters - and to counter disinformation.

Help us prepare to be a winning truth squad this year as we communicate with voters, write Letters to the Editor, and simply talk to our neighbors. For an opening primer, our friends at Blue Wave Coalition recommend two podcasts by Words to Win By creator Anat Shenker-Osorio:

Redistricting Update

In Tallahassee, the House and Senate have approved a final version of a state redistricting map, which the Governor promises he will veto. While it seems inevitable lawsuits will follow, the Tributary's Andrew Pantazi outlines likely next steps.

Here in Duval, the Rules Committee has not yet submitted the draft maps for a vote of the full Council. This means amendments are still possible, though nothing in the meetings thus far suggests dramatic changes are coming. For a cogent overview of what's wrong with the draft maps and the process that created them, check out this Times Union Letter to the Editor by BAM & DWIN member Joy Burgess. Then write your own email or letter to the JAX City Council & urge them to do better. Written public comment becomes part of the public record and will help support legal challenges to these inadequate maps.

Sunday, March 13 - Learn How to Go After the Corporations Supporting the Sedition Caucus

In the aftermath of the January 6 assault on the US Congress, many major corporations pledged not to contribute to the reelection of the Senators & Representatives who supported the protesters & questioned the legitimacy of the Biden-Harris victory. Since then, one media outlet Popular Information, has consistently followed the money and revealed how many of those corporations are directly funding the reelection campaigns of some of the worst actors.

A new activist group, Civic Sunday's Corporate Accountability Project has used this reporting to assemble a list of more than 140 corporations detailing what they originally promised, and what they've given in violation of those pledges. Join the effort to call these corporate leaders out via letters, emails, tweets & Facebook messages. Click here to register and join their Zoom this Sunday at 3 pm.

Encouraging News to Lighten a Dark Week

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