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Action Alert - March 4, 2024

Celebrating History

What better way to kick off Women's History Month than by celebrating the historic firsts in last year's city election! Donna Deegan became the first woman elected mayor, while voters chose Joyce Morgan as property appraiser, the first Black woman to hold this office. Both overcame DeSantis-endorsed competition backed by big money in these countywide races. And both are DEMS! With our very democracy at stake in the upcoming election, their success offers important lessons and hope heading into 2024:

  • Both Deegan and Morgan ran on a platform of uniting the city and offered a positive vision for its future. They pledged transparency, integrity, accountability, and leadership concerned about the well-being of all residents.

  • Deegan, in particular, always took the high road, and never succumbed to calls to go negative, despite her opponent's openly racist and deceitful ads. She was forceful and direct in responding to disinformation and lies when subjected to GOP fear-mongering and divisive campaign tactics.

  • Both took their campaigns to every neighborhood in the city. They not only focused on their Democratic base but also reached out to GOP and NPA supporters. Their inclusiveness was rewarded on Election Day.

  • They were both well-known to voters but still worked incredibly hard to earn every vote. They had an army of dedicated volunteers and an effective, well-coordinated ground game.

Jacksonville is reaping the benefits of electing these two firsts. Deegan is working tirelessly to unite the city and address seemingly intractable problems. Morgan is improving transparency and fairness in the property appraiser's office. Elections matter. We can build on our strengths and win again in 2024!

A few actions you can take this week in honor of Women's History Month:

Your Advocacy Makes A Difference!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our alerts asking you to take action to oppose proposed state legislation establishing fetal personhood, among other equally bad provisions (SB 746/HB 641). The Senate sponsor withdrew the bill in the wake of your calls & emails and the national backlash from voters following the ruling by the AL Supreme Court. More than 45,000 letters, emails, and calls were made to state legislators and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, according to reproductive rights groups working on this issue. Your advocacy makes a difference!

Help BAM at International Women's Day

BAM is joining other community groups to sponsor an International Women's Day event on Saturday, March 9th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Church on Myrtle Avenue.  The gathering will feature health screenings, free food, music, voter education and outreach, and toy giveaways. We need your help! Email us if you can volunteer to help with voter education and outreach at the BAM table. We'll be carpooling from the Beach. 

RSVP Now to Hear Debbie Mucarsel-Powell!

If you're tired of having Rick Scott represent you in the U.S. Senate, here's your chance to meet the woman who is running to replace him. Click on the graphic below to RSVP and receive the ZOOM link.

A Few Good Reads: Whose Got Biden's Ear, Michigan & Reigning in 'Parental Rights'?

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Only 246 days until the 2024 election!

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