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Action Alert - March 18

"People are desperate for direction and hope. All it takes is one person willing to show determination and perseverance to inspire others. Let that person be you." - Robert Hubble

Redistricting Updates

A recent University of North Florida poll found that 89% of Jacksonville residents don’t trust City Council to handle redistricting fairly. And this week's final meeting of the Rules Committee helped show why. Except for one modest adjustment to our District 13 and a few technical corrections, they made no changes to the draft redistricting maps -- dismissing the public outcry over racial packing and a process that favored protecting incumbents more than ensuring fair representation. The maps will go to the full Council for a vote on March 22. If you haven't already, this is a good time to write the City Council and demand they do better.

At the state level, two lawsuits have been filed in state and federal court. These suits urge intervention by the respective courts in the face of the governor's stated determination to veto the legislature's maps and his efforts to bully the process from the start. The groups filing these suits need and deserve our support: Democracy Docket, Common Cause Florida, and Fair Districts Now.

Saturday March 19 - Hanna Park Cleanup 8-11 a.m.

According to JAX Now, the weekday newsletter put out by WJCT, the Timucuan Parks Foundation is hosting cleanups at four parks tomorrow. One of these is our very own Hanna Park & volunteers are needed to help remove debris from the shoreline. If you can help, come to Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, 500 Wonderwood Dr between 8 and 11 am tomorrow. (Tell the gate guards you're there for the cleanup.)

Sunday, March 20 - Donna Deegan Fundraiser in Atlantic Beach

Though the Jacksonville Mayor's race won't take place until 2023, the campaign is already well in gear and we are fortunate to have Donna Deegan raising issues like infant mortality in JAX that the current slate of Republican candidates are not. If you want to learn more about her vision for the city, or already know you want to support her campaign, come to the AB Country Club 6-7 PM Sunday night. Details & RSVP here.

Thursday, March 24 @ 7 pm - BAM-IM Joint Zoom - Why Moms for Liberty Is Dangerous

Moms for Liberty began life as a Florida group, but is spreading fast both here and across the nation. Come learn about their goals, tactics, and the risk they pose to our schools and other institutions. All are welcome and we hope you'll bring friends, but registration is required.

Save the Date! Sunday, March 26 - Burgers on the Beach!

Our friends at Beaches Democratic Club are planning a beach party you don't want to miss. On Sunday, March 26 from 1-4 at Hanna Park, they're hosting a fundraiser to support Democratic values & candidates. Among the candidates already confirmed are Donna Deegan, Josh Hicks and Angie Nixon. Click here for more information & to reserve your spot.

Letter to the Editor Trifecta!

BAM's Letter to the Editor Group has been doing a remarkable job since it launched last May. Thanks to all the participants and their fearless leader, Nancy Staats, eloquent arguments in favor of the values this group supports have appeared in the Beaches Leader and the Times Union almost weekly since the group began. This is a vital way every one of us can help provide the inspiration & hope to other area progressives that we all need - and make unaffiliated voters think twice.

This week we celebrate a first: Three different contributions by BAM members published in the same issue of the Beaches Leader. If you don't already subscribe, please consider supporting this important source of local news & opinion. And check out these eloquent critiques of the current tilt in state government by BAM members Susanne Barker, Ellen Golombek, and Judy Sheklin. Inspired to join the group? Contact Nancy Staats.

Join us Thursday at the BAM-IM Joint Zoom. Bring a friend and your questions about Moms for Liberty!

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