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Action Alert -March 13, 2023

"Raise hell--big time. I want y'all to get out there and raise hell about damn near everything. My word, there's a world out there that needs fixing. Get out there and get after it." - Molly Ivins

Monday, 3/13 - Kick Off This 2nd Week of Early Voting with FL Dem Chair Nikki Fried!

As we enter the second week of early voting in the JAX Unitary Election, Democratic voters have a slim lead over Republicans - but a mere 7% of the city's registered voters have cast a ballot. Turnout is the key to victory in this election. BE SURE TO VOTE. And reach out to like-minded friends and family to be sure they do the same.

BAM's 2023 Election Guide offers background on candidates, races, debates & more. And for a burst of energy as we head into the final week of this election, join former Ag Commissioner & newly elected FDP Chair Nikki Fried for a rally here in Jacksonville tonight. RSVP here & plan to arrive early at 5:30.

How We Win This Election

The depressing spectacle of the current Florida legislative session is a powerful reminder of what happens when we lose elections. But right now we have a chance to usher in a different kind of energy & leadership here in Jacksonville. Every election victory is the result of thousands of small individual acts. Take a look at the list below - and pick one thing you can do this week to create the changes we all want to see.

Canvass Democratic Voters. Join Duval Dems on Saturday & Sunday to give voters the information they need. Register here.

  • Text Out the Vote. Easy, fun & effective. Register here.

  • Signwaving at Early Voting. Text or call Hanna Moore at 904-999-8515 to pick up your sign.

  • Join the Election Protection team. Our friends at Florida Rising are training people to work the final two days of early voting & on Election Day to connect voters with problems to the information or legal help they need. Click to sign up for training offered via Zoom on at 6 PM tonight, 3/13, or 11 AM, 3/18.

Last Week's BAM Evening of Action

Thanks to a good crowd and 2 excellent speakers, BAM's March meeting was both fun and productive. Christina Kittle, Duval organizer of Florida Rising, briefed us on the canvassing work her group is doing to Get Out the Vote in some of the city's most Democratic neighborhoods. As the photo above shows, a number of us joined her there last weekend. In addition, DWIN President Jessica Ransome walked us through the simple logistics of text-banking. Many were surprised to this does not involve using your own phone - and does a single volunteer to reach over 1,000 registered Dems in less than an hour. Many of us plan to join her Empower & Engage Zoom this Wednesday, 3/15 for some guided texting & phone calling.

In addition, we postcarded: writing 42 cards to our Legislators opposing Permitless Carry, "School Choice," or the newly introduced 6 week Abortion Ban; and writing the Duval School Board 29 cards opposing book banning and/or the removal of protections from our LGBTQ students. Click the links above to find the scripts provided on each issue and use them to write, email or call yourself - or to compose a Letter to the Editor. It's vital we continue to speak out against these unpopular moves. If you don't have time to write this week, consider simply signing onto this League of Women Voters letter urging Senate President Passidomo to stop the abortion ban.

This Week's Interesting News

Send this to a friend! And nag them to vote!

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