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Action Alert - August 3

Speak Out for Masks in Duval Schools

Yes, August was supposed to be a month off for all of us. But with Covid surging to record highs in Florida, a few things require our attention.

The Duval County School Board is meeting today at 1701 Prudential Drive. Their meeting will take place indoors at 6 pm, indoors. People who want to be heard should arrive before 6, masked, and submit a request to speak. If you want to support masking in school but prefer to remain in your car, join the outdoor rally at 5 pm and please bring a sign that expresses your views.

No BAM Meeting this Month

A brief reminder that in honor of all the hard work we've done together over the past year and a half, we are declaring an August vacation. We'll be in touch as events demand this month - and look forward to meeting again in on September 9th. Stay tuned for details & enjoy your down time!

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