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Action Alert -November 22, 2022

"You have to believe in who you are and what difference you can make. You have to care about the urgency and the difference it will make to your community, and you have to, again, have confidence in the contribution that you can make." - Senator Nancy Pelosi

How to Help Georgia Re-elect Sen. Warnock

As of this morning, a new poll shows Senator Raphael Warnock leading his opponent in the fast-approaching run-off election for that Georgia Senate seat. Hopeful news, but we all know the big difference between what people will say to a pollster and what they actually do on election day - especially a run-off election for a single office. Turnout will be the key to increasing Democrats' Senate majority - and retaining a talented and effective Senator in our neighboring state. How you can help:

This Giving Tuesday - Support Local News

Since the nation was founded, a free press has been a key pillar of American democracy - an essential watchdog on both government and business. Today ownership of local newspapers is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few huge companies. Their focus on the bottom line rather than local issues makes quality journalism difficult. Investigative reporting is time-consuming and expensive - and likely to ruffle the feathers of the powerful. This makes small, independent media outlets an especially valuable.

As we count our blessings this holiday season, remember to celebrate - and support - 4 journalistic outlets we are lucky to have. The top 3 are all beneficiaries of a matching pledge from the Jesse Ball Dupont Fund & NewsMatch. Whatever you donate in November will be triple matched.

  • JaxToday - A project of WJCT with an excellent daily newsletter & solid election coverage this year.

  • JAX Tributary - Outstanding coverage of Duval redistricting & more.

  • The Florida Phoenix - Covering Florida State Government

  • The Beaches Leader - As the Times Union cut their Letters to the Editor, the Leader increased theirs. An important home for local dialogue.

Watch the First Mayoral Debate

Yesterday, Nov 21, the Rotary Club hosted the first debate of the campaign for Jacksonville Mayor. Seven of the nine candidates running participated: Democrats Donna Deegan, Audrey Gibson & Theresa Richardson; Republicans LeAnna Cumber, Al Ferraro and Frankie Keasler; and no-party candidate Omega Allen. To view the debate, click here.

The Deegan campaign reached out to us today to thank the many of our members who have already signed a petition to put her name on the ballot. If you have NOT done so, please download this form, print it, sign it, and return it to 1015 Atlantic Blvd. # 229, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 as soon as possible. Please share with friends & family if they haven't signed one.

As our newly re-elected Governor is increasingly touted as a Presidential contender in 2024, it's important we begin to educate friends and relatives across the country about what his leadership means. If you only have time to read & share one article - make it this one - a detailed and damning critique and the source of the quote above. For additional details, see:

How to Protect Duval Schools

If you're concerned about what DeSantis & Moms For Liberty are doing to our pubic schools, you likely already know about Public School Defenders, a local coalition of parents, teachers & concerned citizens working to "ensure Duval County School Students are in the safe and inclusive learning environment they deserve." Join their next organizational Zoom meeting on Thursday, December 1 to prepare for the December School Board meeting & discuss organizing tactics moving forward. Click here to register.

This Week's Interesting Reads

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We're grateful for all you do to build a better Florida.

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