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Voters! Three Things to Check & Do Now!

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Why this is important now

Duval County has an important election coming in less than two months-- a special election will fill the balance of the late Tommy Hazouri's At-Large City Council seat. A worthy successor is important to our area's future. The deadline to register (or update your registration) for this December vote is November 8, 2021.

Voter Reg

Your Voter Registration

If you've been voting regularly, your status as an active voter should be unchanged. If you've skipped some elections, or moved and forgotten to let the Supervisor of Elections know, you could have been reclassified as “inactive.” This is easy to fix.

To check, go to the Duval Elections site.  If you click the “My Voter Status” button and fill in the online form, you'll see the voting status & contact information they have on file for you. If necessary, you can update your registration or change your address right there on the page.

Don't forget to check your signature!

Your ballot can be challenged if your signature doesn't match the one on file with the state. If it's been 10 years or more since you registered to vote, the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) recommends you fill out a new voter registration form to update your signature. You can do this by downloading and filling out the form on the Florida Online Voter Registration System. Sign and mail to: Duval Supervisor of Elections,105 EAST MONROE STREET JACKSONVILLE, FL, 32202. (Keep a copy of your new signature for your future reference.)

You can visit the SOE (address above) 8AM till 5PM, Monday thru Friday and ask to see your signature card. If it needs updating, you can do that right on the spot. For additional questions, call the SOE office at (904) 255-8683.

Your Vote-By-Mail Status

Your Vote-by-Mail status may have changed as new rules imposed by last year's Senate Bill 90 limit VBM registrations to one election cycle only.


In 2020, mail ballots were a key factor in keeping voter turnout high despite the pandemic. Even if you love going to the polls, requesting a Mail-in ballot ensures nothing can get in the way of your vote.


Whether you plan to vote by mail or simply want it as a back-up plan, check your status and consider re-enrolling now using this link.


Your Party Registration

Florida is a closed primary state which means only voters registered in a specific party can participate in that party's primary elections. Folks who register with No Party Affiliation cannot vote in party primaries, only in general or non-partisan elections. If you want to support progressive candidates in both the primary and general election, select Democrat as your party affiliation!

If you're mad!.png

Republicans in Florida and across the country are passing laws to make it harder for people to vote, harder to use vote by mail, and easier to purge votes and voters for flimsy reasons. 

Mad as hell
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