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New guide supports input on Duval redistricting

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

BAM was pleased to partner with the Duval Women's Information Network and a host of other progressive organizations in developing this Citizen's Guide to support and encourage public input in the process to reconfigure Jax City Council districts following the 2020 census.

Important questions need to be raised. Why, when a majority of Florida voters approved constitutional amendments that forbid drawing district lines to favor or oppose a candidate or incumbent, have our Duval officials used protecting the incumbency of sitting Council members as a top priority? How do the proposed changes to district lines change the racial or party voting advantages in each of our districts?

Looking beyond this year’s maps, a serious look at this redistricting process also suggests Duval’s citizens need to start insisting now on a different approach before another 10 years goes by.

The guide provides information on these and other key issues with the process and resulting maps, and offers recommendations for consideration by residents interested in commenting during the public hearings.

Check it out and plan to participate in one of the upcoming public hearings. Make your voice heard - the districts will shape local government and city priorities for the next decade!

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