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Holiday Party! Friday, Dec. 16

This Friday night join BAM, NOW, DWIN, WEN, Moms Demand Action, Equality Florida, Beaches Democratic Club, the Sister Hermana Foundation, and many others in a holiday gathering celebrating the good work we did together in 2022, and our shared commitment to building a better Jacksonville. We've collected photos from all the organizations involved to create a slide show of this year's action. Come prepared to be impressed! Bring a dish, a toy, and let's take some time to laugh, eat, dance, and enjoy each other! If you're not sure what to bring, see the graphic below for more information on the toy collection. If you have a favorite dish, bring that to add to the potluck; if you want an assignment, last names A-K can focus on appetizers, L-Z on sweets. Or bring your favorite beverage instead of either.

Feel free to bring friends & loved ones. RSVP here. Several cars of people will be heading into town from the Beaches. If you want a ride, email us.

While Covid numbers in Duval are still low, we will have masks and hand sanitizer available for those who want them. And of course if you're not feeling well, please stay home and take care of yourself. Feel free to forward this blog to friends who might be interested. Hope to see you there!

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