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FL House Candidates Featured at July BAM Meeting

The Beaches Activist Movement program on Thursday, July 9, at 7:00 will showcase progressive candidates who are currently running for the Florida House of Representatives.

This past session, the Florida Legislature failed to pass needed gun safety legislation, criminal justice sentencing reform, a host of environmental protections, or protections for LGBTQ and women’s rights. They did pass a parental consent law making abortion far less accessible to adolescents who need one. They also made it harder and more expensive for citizen-initiated petitions to get on the ballot. And that's the short list.

If this sounds like a state legislature that does not share your priorities, take heart. This year Duval County has a record number of outstanding progressive candidates challenging legislators who have not served us well in the past. While you can't vote for all of them, you probably have friends who can. And because we've gotten such an impressive group, we're also inviting organizations with memberships across the city to join us on the all. Feel free to reach out to friends who might be interested.

Join us July 9 at 7 p.m. using Zoom. Meeting ID: 862 0532 8798

Password: 309256.

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