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DNC Delegates Start Work

Ever wonder what its like to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention? BAM member John Weldon, recently elected as a delegate from FL District 4, will be posting periodically about his experience. Here's his first dispatch!

The complete Florida delegation to the Democratic National Convention has been assembled and totals 301 individuals! This will be one of the largest delegations in the US to attend the Convention. 143 delegates from Florida Congressional districts met via Zoom on Saturday May 30 to approve 76 additional delegates including party leaders and elected officials (PLEO's) and at-large members. On Sunday May 31, all delegates met to elect the Florida Delegation Chair, DNC Standing Committee Members, and Convention pages.

In attendance at the meeting were Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, numerous Florida Democratic members of Congress, and former Senator Bill Nelson. Current Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman, Terri Rizzo, was elected Chair of the Delegation.

Reflecting the outcome of the Florida Democratic Primary, and based on an agreement between the Biden and Sanders campaigns which reverses DNC policy, the 2020 Florida Delegation includes many Bernie Sanders delegates! Membership of the important Convention Standing Committees (Platform, Rules, and Credentials) also includes a proportional number of Sanders delegates. This is a welcome effort to unify the centrist and progressive wings of the Party!

Delegates also heard from Democratic National Convention CEO, Joe Solmonese, about current plans for the convention. Chances for a physical convention in Milwaukee are still uncertain due to the Coronavirus.

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