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Action Alert - Week of October 26

"This is a life-changing election that will determine America's future for a very long time. Character is on the ballot. Compassion is on the ballot. Decency, science, democracy, they are all on the ballot."         - Joe Biden

The Good News:

Democrats still lead Republicans by a significant margin here in Florida and in early voting turnout nationwide. As of Sunday, the AP reports that 51% of registered Democrats have voted, and 31% of Republicans.

The Scary News:

That doesn't mean the Republicans don't plan to vote. Here in Florida and elsewhere the Dems' early lead is shrinking as Republicans storm to early voting. And we know a large proportion of Trump supporters plan to vote on November 3.

All of this is predictable. The polls and experts still lean in the direction of a Biden win but are not predicting the landslide we would all love to see. This is our last full week to push hard for that welcome surprise so roll up your sleeves and get busy! 

Priority #1 - Get Out The Vote!!

This week and this coming weekend, there will be plenty of ways to reach out and motivate voters who share our strong desire for change.

  • Talk to everyone you can influence. Be sure they are voting and passing your sense of urgency on.

  • Share the items posted daily on the BAM Facebook page.

  • This weekend there will be ongoing phone banks & lit drops across Duval County.  I'll send links on those a little later in the week - but clear your calendar if you can so you can be part of the action.

Priority #2 - Motivate & Educate!

  • Deliver slate cards to low propensity Democratic voters in our Beaches communities.  It will take you less than 2 hours to motivate & educate votes we need. Text 904-999-8515 and pick up one of the last 4 turfs.

  • Signwaving at the polls! Click here to sign up for a shift.  We've done a great job so far covering the Beaches Library.  Materials are waiting in the silver Jeep - both signs and slate cards if anyone asks.  Keep that up here at home, but also consider one of the other polling spots around town and put in an hour or two there with a friend if you can.

  • Remind friends, family & relatives they can find the election information they need on our website.

Priority #3 - Vote Those VBMs!

As of Sunday, 57% of the Vote by Mail ballots requested in Duval County had been returned.  If you have one and haven't used it yet, click here for any remaining information you need to make your choices.  Then skip the mail.  Take it to a drop box at early voting.  (Locations detailed here.) Poll friends, neighbors & relatives who are voting by mail and nag them to do the same. And remember, once you vote by mail, check the status of your ballot here.

Priority #4 - Be Sure All Votes Count!

  • Phone bank to Cure Rejected Voters.  Most problems with mail ballots are signature-related & easy to fix.  Training is offered at the start of each shift and start curing votes we need.

  • If you've trained as an in-person vote cure volunteer, stand by for assignments. We'll be going all week to people who can't be reached by phone or who need in-person assistance. Questions? Write

Forward this post! Only 8 days left to act!

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