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Action Alert - Week of November 30

We have to come together as a nation and unite around our shared goal: defeating this virus.” - President-Elect Joe Biden

With Covid Numbers Spiking - Be Safe!

Until mature leadership reaches the White House, it remains up to us to protect ourselves and our families from the pandemic. With effective vaccines now on the horizon, we have good reason to be hopeful, but for now it's essential to follow CDC guidelines: avoid crowds, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, and resist the urge to cheat the rules in this holiday season when we all long for more contact with family & friends.

Next Steps to Help the GA Run-offs

As the deadline for voter registration to vote in the January run-off is fast approaching, the focus is shifting now to early voting, which starts December 14. From from now to Jan 5, the focus is on getting out the vote (GOTV). Options for that include:

  • Out-of-Stater Phonebank for Osoff

  • Warnock Phonebanks Sundays & Wednesdays

  • Send GOTV letters to registered GA Dems. Vote Forward has a strong track record & will tell you exactly what to do.

  • Send GOTV postcards to registered GA Dems. Postcards to Swing States sent more than 15 million cards to boost voting in November. You provide your own cards & postage.

In addition, here's a comprehensive list of ways to help which includes writing, phoning, donating and actively volunteering.

Tell Governor DeSantis What You Think

Much as we would all love to relax after our 2020 election work, before you do, please reach out to our misguided Governor. In addition to his public support of Trump's claims to have won the election, DeSantis has made other moves that deserve our feedback. Consider including these issues when you write:

Contact Our Elected Officials in Washington

Congress returns to Washington this week and they also deserve our attention. On the agenda in their fleeting time in town will be both a Continuing Resolution to keep the Federal government operating, and the long-delayed Covid relief package. While you're writing, feel free to mention to all 3 men that it we have a newly elected President and their continued support of unfounded fraud claims undermines the public's faith in elections and is not in their job descriptions.

Last Chance to Tell Us What You Did!

As we prepare for our December meeting on December 10, we want to hear from each of you about the work you did in 2020. This highly unscientific survey will help us paint a picture of our joint efforts everyone can enjoy. We don't expect exact answers, but you'll be surprised how thinking through the questions reminds you of work you should be proud of. Before it all disappears into a busy blur, please take a few minutes to tell us what you did to build this year's Presidential victory.

Save the Date! 12/10 - Final BAM Zoom of 2020

Plan to join us at 7 pm on Thursday, December 10. We'll be sharing more detailed information now available on how the voting went in Duval County, showing you the results of our member survey on 2020 Action, giving updates on the all-important Georgia runoffs, and closing out 2020 with our shared stories of the past year and our hopes for the incoming Biden administration. Register here.

Forward this post! We need all hands on deck!

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