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Action Alert - Week of December 7

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

December BAM Meeting

Join us this Thursday, December 10, at 7 p.m. for our final BAM Zoom of 2020. While most of us are counting down the days until we say farewell to a uniquely challenging year, we also have much to celebrate. Come see the latest data on how our hard work panned out in terms of Duval voter registrations, Vote-by-Mail use, and overall turnout among different groups - along with a more granular look at voting patterns here at the Beaches. We'll discuss the latest opportunities for action regarding Lot J and the GA Senate runoff, and look toward a brighter future together in 2021. RSVP on our site to get the Zoom link. Plan to join us & bring friends!

Lot J Update

Many thanks to all who wrote or called our city officials last week about Lot J. Thanks to a large public outcry - and a substantial list of unanswered questions - City Council President Tommy Hazouri deferred action on the Lot J proposal at last week's council meeting. Tomorrow, December 8, at the Council's final meeting of the year, Mayor Curry intends to press for approval. For excellent background on this issue - and continuing coverage of developments, consider signing up for email alerts from OurJax, the civic organization devoted to promoting "transparency, integrity, accountability, and local control." They did excellent work in exposing the problems with the JEA sale and are again providing leadership on Lot J.

If you emailed City Council last week, consider calling this week; if you called, try writing. You'll find everyone's contact info here. A recent poll shows the majority of Duval citizens oppose the Lot J plan, but hearing directly from voters is the best way to help wavering politicians make tough decisions.

GA Senate Run-offs - Keep Helping!

Today marks the deadline for voters to register and vote in the January Senate run-off. And early voting in that election will begin a week from today, on December 14. So from now until election day on Jan 5, the focus is on getting out the vote (GOTV). Options for that include:

  • Out-of-Stater Phonebank for Osoff

  • Warnock Phonebanks - Note - this is a new link to phone banks running daily.

  • If you want to donate money to GA Dems and both campaigns but wouldn't mind a little fun yourself, consider joining the original cast of Hamilton for a streaming fundraiser on December 13. Suggested donation is $30.

  • Send GOTV postcards to registered GA Dems. Postcards to Swing States sent more than 15 million cards to boost voting in November. You provide your own cards & postage. They are recruiting help now with a final push in late December to voters who don't vote early.

  • Join the GA Voter Protection team if you want to help phone or visit GA voters whose ballots are rejected, or be a poll watcher, etc.

In addition, here's a comprehensive list of ways to help which includes writing, phoning, donating and actively volunteering. So far texting options are hard to find but we'll pass on if we find any.

Holiday Giving Has Never Been More Important

"Giving Tuesday" may have been last week, but this year the entire month of December deserves our attention as an opportunity to help our neighbors. With Covid rebounding in Florida, already high rates of unemployment, economic insecurity and hunger are rising. We know the generosity of BAM's members. As you consider your year-end giving, remember these remarkable organizations:

  • BEAM - In addition to continuing to provide food and clothing for needy families, BEAM is focusing hard on helping economically challenged Beaches families keep their homes.

  • Feeding NE Florida Our regional clearinghouse for donated food, this group serves more than 250 other service organizations with the supplies they need.

  • Beaches Community Kitchen A smaller, more home-grown effort to make and deliver meals to homebound, frail & disabled Beaches residents.

If you know of other groups we should spotlight, please write us at

Forward this post! And stay safe!

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