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Action Alert - Week of April 26

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein

Monday Action: Tell Tally What You Think

As this year's Legislative session moves toward its April 30 close, good bills and bad approach final decisions. Many of you are getting alerts of your own to act on, but if you're wondering what needs attention in this final week, please consider this short list.

  • SB90 - Despite record turnout in 2020 and a fraud-free process, this bill proposes to clean up Florida's election system by creating an assortment of barriers. Like the League of Women Voters, the ACLU and most local supervisors of elections - we say VOTE NO!

  • SB1906 - In a rare departure last week, the FL Senate approved an increase of $100/week in Florida's notoriously low unemployment - defying both the Governor & the House. Thank any Senator you know - and urge standing firm in conference on this issue.

  • HB 259 - Would enable concealed weapons in churches attached to schools. Another NO Vote.

Tuesday - JAX City Council - Proposed Ordinance Would Undermine Public Health

On Tuesday, April 27, City Council will consider Ordinance 2021-185. One proposed change is raising deep concern since it would allow the state to appoint an administrator who is not a Public Health physician as Duval County Health Officer (formerly Director) to head our health department (up to now a Public Health Physician) and allow the governor to make that appointment.

The attached “Dear Council President” letter lays out the arguments against the proposal. Please reach out to Council President Hazouri and other members, including our own Rep. Rory Diamond.

Donate to Support School Renaming

Beaches School Board Member Elizabeth Anderson has sent out a link for anyone interested in donating a fund to help cover the costs of renaming area schools currently named for Confederate leaders. As the funding question is likely to be a big factor for some Board members at the June vote, every dollar helps and is tax deductible. Click to donate to the JPEF fund.

May 13 BAM Zoom - Fight Hunger & Homelessness in Jacksonville

If the ugliness of elective politics is wearing you down, join us on May 13 and learn some concrete ways you can make a difference in your neighbors' lives right now. BAM is hosting a panel of 4 of the agencies directly involved in helping our area's neediest citizens. You'll be inspired by the work being done and learn how you can contribute. Save the date & invite a friend!

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