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Action Alert - This Weekend!

I'm getting lots of emails and texts from BAM members and friends across the country - all wanting to know "What's the most useful thing I can do between now and November 3 to be sure we win?"  First, take a deep breath & appreciate the hard work we and millions of others have done all year.  There are many reasons to be optimistic.

But until we've washed away the memories of 2016 with clear, ringing victories, we all need to be busy.  Here's a new look at your options - depending on the time you have to spend:

If You Have 30 Minutes

  • VOTE!

  • Contact like-minded family & friends & be sure they've voted.  And be sure they pass the nagging on.

  • Share a post from the BAM Facebook page - or this link to BAM's 2020 Election Guide with anyone you think might need some extra help with their ballot.

  • Be sure everyone you know who votes by mail knows how to see if they've been counted at:

If You Have 1 Hour

  • Sign up or simply stop by the Beaches Library and spend a hour waving signs at early voting.  The silver Jeep with Joshua Hicks sign on top has signs in it to borrow for Biden, Donna Deegan and Joshua. Return signs when done. If anyone wants slate cards, they are in the Jeep.

  • Get-Out-the-Vote Phone Bank. However you may feel about telemarketers, this is the single most effective way to be sure Democrats in Duval use their votes this year.  In addition to Hanna Moore's popular Saturday & Sunday Zoom-assisted phone banks, the Duval Dems are now running phone banks multiple times every day that will also have help just a Zoom unmute away.  Click here, then click Turn Out the Vote - and get all the details.  Each phone bank takes about an hour.

If You Have 2 Hours

  • Get Slate Cards to Beaches Dems. We've almost finished delivering slate cards to all the registered Dems in our 3 Beaches communities who are either new, or proven to be sporadic voters. There are just 13 turfs remaining to pass out and they're going fast. To reserve yours, text Hanna Moore at 904-999-8515.

  • Phone bank to Cure Rejected Voters. Most mail ballots problems are easy to fix. Sign up for a phone bank shift & talk those voters through the process.  Training is offered at the start of each shift.

If You Have Half a Day

  • Mix and match any of the above!

  • Sign up to Cure VBM Ballots in Person. A small subset of voters whose ballots are rejected need extra help to cure their problems. Join the Zoom session this Sunday, 10/25 at 2 pm, and get trained. The work is easy and incredibly satisfying.  And must be done between now and 5 pm November 5 for votes to be counted.         Meeting ID: 824 3239 4917. Passcode: 341908

Whatever you find to do - and even if you've never clicked a link in a newsletter before, if a silly laugh would do you good, Click Here!

(Entertainment provided by Disney & some very clever Dems.)

Please forward this post to anyone you know who wants to help!

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