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Action Alert - September 25, 2023

No Government Shut-down!

If Congress fails to pass a funding bill by September 30, the U.S. government will shut down. That means essential services for seniors, servicemembers, and working families will be shuttered as “non-essential” workers are furloughed and “essential” workers are forced to continue to work without pay. Obviously, that's only the beginning of the damage. We all know a government shut down creates chaos, hurts individual lives and the nation's economy and reputation, and should not happen (despite the finger it would point at the GOP's incompetence). There's still time to urge saner heads to prevail. We've adapted the following from a script provided by the tireless activist Jessica Craven. Feel free to add your own thoughts. But please call ((904) 831-5205) or email Rep John Rutherford today: Hi, I'm a constituent calling from [zip]. My name is _______. Americans are sick and tired of the circus radical Republicans are creating in the US Congress. The House needs to pass a clean funding bill now. The radicals' proposed cuts would be shattering for working Americans and horrific for our climate progress. A government shutdown would be even more disastrous. Pass a clean funding bill with no cuts now and start focusing on the real problems of your constituents. Thanks.

Time to Insist on Supreme Court Reform

In case you weren't already mad enough about the current Supreme Court, this excellent piece by Pro Publica has new information about Justice Thomas and his long and problematic ties to the Koch brothers.

Indivisible chapters across the country are partnering to send a message to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer & Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin urging them to use their constitutional authority to restore integrity to the Supreme Court. Many petitions we all receive online are thinly veiled devices to recruit supporters who can be contacted for donations to political campaigns & nonprofits. In this case Indivisible assures us they intend to take this letter and hand deliver it to these two congressional leaders. If the ethical lapses of the current Court concern you, click here to add your signature to this letter. If you know of like-minded friends, forward this link to them as well. Deadline for signatures is September 28.

Help Make Florida Swing Again

The last legislative session undermined public education, abortion rights, voting rights, and failed to engage in any useful way with skyrocketing insurance and housing costs or the growing impacts of climate change. Those policy choices were driven by the Republican super majority in both Houses.

That legislature (and the current Governor) swept into office in the first election in decades when registered Republicans outnumbered registered Democrats by more than half a million voters. To return Florida politics to a saner path, we need to right that balance. Let's join Florida Democratic Chair, Nikki Fried in attacking the problem head-on. BAM will be registering voters in a variety of ways this fall & winter, but let's put our own oxygen masks on first:

  1. Check your voting status here. Be sure you're registered at your current address and consider updating your signature.

  2. Under current law, each new election requires a new Vote-by-Mail request. You can do that here. (Yes, the online request form is currently broken, but there's a printable version to fill in and mail - OR make your request by phone. The more of us that do that, the sooner they will fix the online form. ;-) Even if you love to vote in person, having a VBM ballot ensures nothing can stop your vote.

  3. Forward these simple directions to a minimum of 3 friends who pay less attention to politics than you do. In 2024 Floridians will elect a new Senator, send a message to the Florida legislature, and choose the next President. Let's make sure no one we know sits this critical election out.

Join BAM's Outreach to Returning Citizens

Tens of thousands of former felons who have done their time and returned to Duval County are not yet registered to vote. BAM is organizing a postcarding event on Thursday, October 12 to support efforts by the League of Women Voters to inform these returning citizens about their rights and the resources available to help them reclaim their voting rights. This non-partisan, in-person event will be held at the Adele Grage Cultural Center in Atlantic Beach from 7 - 9 p.m. Postcards and stamps will be provided. Our goal is to complete 1000 postcards! RSVP here.

Quick Reads to Kick-Start Your Week

Share this email with your friends! Only 408 days until the 2024 election!

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