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Action Alert - September 13

"We are really on this precipice, this knife's edge, and each party goes, 'If I just push a little bit harder I can control politics for the next 20 years.’ And it's true."

- Grover Norquist

Can We Redistrict Without Gerrymandering?

If you attended BAM's Zoom meeting last Thursday, you know the answer is a qualified "maybe." Ellen Freidin of FairDistrictsNow, led the fight for two successful amendments to the Florida Constitution which should make gerrymandering impossible here. But despite popular support for these reforms, the Florida legislature ignored the rules in the past and will likely do so again this year. And we will live with the voting districts they create for the next 10 years.

How can we fight this? By educating ourselves and our neighbors on what's at stake and what the law requires. And by reminding our elected officials they took an oath to uphold the Constitution and insisting they do so now.

Tipping the Knife Edge America Balances On

This month critical decisions will be made in Washington which will strongly influence next year's midterm elections. Passage of the two long-negotiated Infrastructure bills would expand Medicare & Medicaid, fund universal pre-K for 3- and 4-year olds, increase childcare subsidies - not to mention fund badly needed infrastructure and climate projects across the country. Passage of at least some version of the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act will restore some level of federal voter protection to counter rampant state-based efforts to suppress the vote.

While there can be reasonable disagreement about the details of all legislation, these are fundamentally bipartisan issues. Call or Email TODAY and urge our Senators to serve the people of Florida by taking these needs seriously:

Sen. Rubio (202) 224-3041or email

Sen. Scott (202) 224-5274 or email

How to Reach Neighbors Who Don't Agree

A common theme in many conversations these days is how to reunite our fractured country. Here in Florida, we also spend a lot of time asking ourselves how to reach out to unregistered voters or disaffected Republicans and Independents.

Starting tomorrow, September 14, national Indivisible is offering a 4-part Zoom training series to help us get out into our communities, listen to our neighbors, and enlist their help in creating change. Though this work is best done in door-to-door canvassing, the sessions will offer phone scripts as well. Click the image below to register.

Save the Date! Tuesday, September 21 Zoom Presentation on FL Democratic Victory Plan

Our friends at Mandarin Indivisible have invited Angie Nixon, Florida Rep for Duval District 14 and Field & Organizing Director for the Florida Democratic Party to brief us all on Democratic field operations across the state - particularly here in Duval County including:

  • Plans to target unregistered Democrats.

  • How to use the new tool Hot Blocks to reach new voters.

  • How Vote-by-Mail fits into the strategy for victory.

  • Which volunteer activities are most important? When & where?

  • What insights she can offer on redistricting in Florida

Click here to register & submit questions for Rep Nixon.

Be aware that Beaches Democratic Club is planning a zoom meeting this same night featuring Rep Tracie Davis speaking on how Senate Bill 90 could impact redistricting in Duval. These two groups are working to adjust their timing so it's possible to attend both events. Stay tuned for more details, but put this evening on your calendar now.

Our friends are our best allies! Please forward this post to yours.

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