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Action Alert - November 8

"I have seen the road to progress in my lifetime take many detours. Sometimes new chasms emerge that seem uncrossable. But the reason progress often gets back on track is because people refuse to give up. They regroup, rethink, reorganize." - Dan Rather (Nov 3, 2021)

Spark Change Here at Home - Duval Dems' Field Plan

Thursday, November 11 - BAM's November meeting via Zoom at 7 PM.

Daniel Henry, Chairman of the Duval Dems, will present the party's strategy for bringing out the Blue in Duval in 2022 and '24. We have roughly a month until the JAX special election, 12 months before the midterms. Bring your questions, your calendar, and your like-minded friends to learn about the many ways we can work together to build momentum the future we want to see.

If you've never Zoomed before, this is a great time to start. You'll be how surprised and convenient it is. Email us to join a quick how-to session. Or click here to RSVP for the meeting and get the Zoom link.

More Calendar Priorities This Week

  • Monday, Nov 8 @ 7 pm - Virtual Town Hall with Trayce Polson. If you're still assessing the candidates for the Dec 7 special election to fill the open JAX City Council At-Large Seat, check out this Facebook event with Dr. Polson and bring your questions.

  • Tuesday, Nov 9 @ 5 pm - JAX City Council - Take Down the Springfield Park Confederate Statue. Tomorrow the full City Council will vote on Mayor Curry's proposal to remove the park's statue to Confederate Women. Three subcommittees have voted against the proposal. If you can attend the meeting at City Hall and speak out, please do. If you can't go, write the council today to express your views. Rory Diamond has not yet cast a vote. Be sure he knows what you think.

  • Wednesday, Nov 10 @ 6 pm - Boundaries Matter - How Redistricting Affects Our Votes. If you missed Ellen Freidin of Fair Districts Now when she spoke to BAM, you have another chance at this Zoom meeting of DWIN. Click here to RSVP and get the link.

  • Saturday, Nov 11 @ noon. DWIN Text Bank to Get out the Vote for the JAX Special Election. Reach out to registered Dems and be sure they return their mail-in ballots. Register here.

Freedom to Vote Rally Friday, November 12

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Supervisor of Elections Office 105 East Monroe St

On Friday, November 12, Indivisible, along with our local League of Women Voters, is hosting a Freedom to Vote -Time to Act Rally outside of the Jacksonville Supervisor of Elections office. The purpose of the rally is to urge the Senate and President Biden to step-up, do their job, and pass the Freedom to Vote Act already approved by the House. With the 2022 midterm elections quickly approaching, it's critical that the Senate takes action to protect our freedom to vote. Join progressives from across NE Florida and send a clear message to our legislators to act before it's too late. While we don't plan a formal caravan, we hope to rally a group from the Beaches to join in this effort. If you're interested, email us now to coordinate rides and get additional details.

Tracye Polson Campaign Help Needed

The Special Election on December 7 will fill the At-Large City Council seat vacated by Tommy Hazouri's death. Experts predict less than 10% of Duval voters will take part, yet few things impact our daily lives more than the political leadership at this level. The candidate in the race who best reflects BAM's values of transparent, inclusive governance and equal justice & opportunity for all is Tracye Polson. If you want to help her:

The campaign needs postcarders who will provide their own postage. To help with that effort email Susan.

Check out the phonebanks & other events listed here.

Can't volunteer your time? Visit the Polson for Jacksonvillewebsite if you'd like to make a donation.

The Biden Infrastructure Bill is a REAL Win

In the long struggle to build a wiser, fairer nation, it's essential to take time to celebrate our victories. Last week's passage of the Infrastructure & Investment Bill is one of those.

According to this excellent analysis by historian Heather Cox Richardson, this will provide billions in improvements to the nation's roads, bridges, electrical & water systems, broadband availability, and coastal climate risks. And it passed with modest but actual bipartisan support. Read this for your own inspiration - and for the conversations we all need to be having about why we support this administration.

Forward this post. And bring a friend to Thursday's BAM meeting!

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