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Action Alert - May 26, 2023

“I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” Winston Churchill __________________________________________________________________________________

Enough is Enough! No Default

It's tough to interrupt the euphoria after the historic wins in the Jacksonville City election last week, but we must. . . Enough is enough! Despite efforts by the Biden administration to find a compromise, the GOP continues to push the country toward defaulting on the national debt as they work to cut vital federal programs. Their action could prompt a fiscal crisis as soon as June 1st. House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has presented the cuts as fiscally responsible - in reality, they are nothing more than an attempt to advance a cruel political agenda. At stake is funding for Medicaid, Social Security, K-12 Education, veteran's benefits, food stamps, and other initiatives that help working families. All of this, while preserving tax cuts for the richest Americans. While reaching out to our Congress member - John Rutherford - seems like an exercise in futility, he and his GOP counterparts must hear from ALL of their constituents right now. Call (202) 225-2501 to reach Rutherford's DC office or use this link to send an email. Do it today! Tell him you are worried about Republicans' brinkmanship with the debt ceiling and their efforts to hold the economy hostage in order to cut critical programs that will hurt working families, veterans, seniors, and children. Tell him voters in northeast Florida know what the GOP is doing and that Republicans are responsible for this mess. Raise the debt ceiling now!

Save the Date: BAM Membership Meeting June 8

Mark your calendars for the next in-person BAM membership meeting on Thursday, June 8 at 7 p.m. at the Adele Grage Cultural Center in Atlantic Beach. We'll celebrate our victory in the Jacksonville City election, and look at how the laws passed by the 2023 state Legislature impact our community. The meeting will feature a panel of state and local experts who will talk about what new legislation means for reproductive health and access to abortion, public education, and voter rights --- and, most important, what we can do about it! We'll have petitions on the proposed Abortion Rights ballot initiative for you to sign. RSVP here and bring a friend!

Remembering Those Who Lost Their Lives

Memorial Day is Monday, May 29th, and a time to honor those who gave their lives to protect this country and its democratic values. Sadly, we also observe two other important anniversaries: the death of George Floyd, and the mass shooting deaths of 19 elementary school students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas. Floyd's death prompted a racial reckoning and birthed Black Lives Matter, as well as a call for police reform. The murders in Uvalde cast attention once again on the horrors of gun violence and the need for more controls on guns and gun ownership. Let's remember all of these lost lives and the need to redouble our efforts. Consider donating to Black Lives Matter and Moms Demand Action. We have a lot of work to do.

Forward this email to friends! Tell them enough is enough!

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