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Action Alert -Let's Vacation Like the French!

"It's very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. ...[I]t allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems."

-- Thich Nhat Hanh

Time to vacation like the French!

Volumes have been written about how France (and most of Europe) takes a much saner approach to vacation than America - including taking the month of August off. This year BAM says Vive le France! After more than 18 months of hard political effort - most of it in the shadow of Covid - we all deserve and need a break.

Let's all use this August to relax, recharge, connect more deeply with friends & family and come back stronger and more creative problem solvers in September.

If that sounds good to you, feel free to stop reading now. If you still have some July energy left, there are several upcoming events & news items you may want to know about.

Latest Covid News & Advice

Last Thursday might, July 22, BAM Board member Dr. Nancy Staats and a number of other area doctors held an informative webinar on the rising Covid numbers here in Duval. If you didn't see it, click here for the full program. Feel free to share it with nervous friends.

As you already know from all your other news sources, now is the time to mask up again when you're indoors with people whose vaccination status you don't know - and to be much more conservative about leaving home generally. Be assured the BAM Board is following the news and we'll plan our meetings and active work this fall to stay safe. Remember, this time last year we had no vaccines - and take a deep breath.

Wednesday, July 28 - 7 pm - NOW Zoom on Education

Before Duval schools reopen on August 10, join School Board member Elizabeth Anderson & Pediatrician Adriana Cantville for a conversation about kids & Covid, charter schools, what's happening with the half cent sales tax money, school name changes, Critical Race Theory - and answers to your questions. Click here to register.

Weigh In On Beaches Budgets & More

  • Atlantic Beach is conducting a survey about the city's current cultural and recreational offerings. Take a few minutes to share your experience & suggestions.

  • Atlantic Beach & Jax Beach are both drafting their budgets for next year now. Click the links above for the full schedule of informational workshops & hearings in each town.

Wednesday, August 4 - 7 pm - Beaches Watch Zoom A Thoughtful Panel on Guns

Beaches Watch will host a deliberative panel discussion about gun issues featuring:

  • Dr. Robert Spitzer, a nationally-known expert on the origin and changes in US gun policies.

  • Jean Francis, representing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

  • Dale Carson, former police officer, F.B.I instructor, and current defense attorney, on how massive public ownership of guns has changed the way police are trained and deployed.

Click here for more info & the zoom link.

August Text Bank to Renew VBM

If you enjoyed texting last year, the Duval Dems have begun the vital work of contacting the more than 30,000 Democrats whose Vote by Mail status lapsed after the November election. They're holding text banks every Wednesday in August from 12:30-2 pm. It's fun, easy, & doable from home. Click here for more info & registration.

Bonne Vacance!

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