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Action Alert - June 5, 2023

“You need to listen to us when we say a rainbow in our classroom is not indoctrinating us, seeing two girls in a Disney movie is not brainwashing us, and your policies are not protecting us from anything. . ." Student addressing Hernando County School Board ____________________________________________________________________________

2023 Legislative Session: Fighting Back

State Rep. Anna Eskamani called it "the session from hell." Find out more about legislation enacted in 2023 and its impact on voting rights, access to reproductive health care, and public education - and how we can fight back - at the BAM membership meeting, Thursday, June 8th at 7 p.m. The meeting, which will be held at the Adele Grage Cultural Center, will feature state and local experts, including:

  • Sam Coodley, FL grassroots organizer, for All Voting is Local, a national voter rights organization;

  • Ginger Mundy, co-chair, Reproductive Health and Justice Team, FL League of Women Voters, and

  • Elizabeth Andersen, local public education advocate and former Duval County School Board member.

The meeting is open to all, both members and non-members. We'll have petitions on the proposed Abortion Rights ballot initiative for you to sign. RSVP here and bring a friend!

Default Averted: Sometimes Even He Listens!

Congress managed to step back from the brink and pass bipartisan legislation to avoid default and raise the debt ceiling. The legislation was signed by President Biden this weekend. Thanks to all of you who reached out to our member, U.S. Rep. John Rutherford to urge his support of the compromise bill. When it came down to the vote, Rutherford was one of 149 GOP members who voted for the bill. Sometimes, even he listens! Unfortunately, neither of Florida's U.S. Senators followed suit. Both Rick Scott and Marco Rubio gave a thumbs down to the legislation when it arrived in the Senate. Scott is up for re-election in 2024, and this vote is just one more reason for voters to replace him. Back to Rutherford - think about thanking him for his vote. Call (202) 225-2501 to reach Rutherford's DC office or use this link to send an email. It's important he knows we are watching and appreciate his vote (this time!).

Celebrating Pride Month

Forward this email to friends! Tell them its time to fight back!

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