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Action Alert - July 5, 2022

"When people tell you Democrats have already lost in November ignore them. It’s simply not true— no one can know what will happen in an election of this much historical consequence. Over and over again our side has shown that, when the chips are down and turnout matters, we show up." Jessica Craven

BAM - and Our Hopes for Change - Are Growing!

A warm welcome to the 30+ new members who have joined BAM in the past month. And thanks to all the activists who've turned out in recent weeks as our community rallied to speak out for women's right to control our own bodies, for LGBTQ protections, and against the Supreme Court's new and extreme interpretations of constitutional law.

Saturday's Beaches March for Reproductive Freedom was an inspiring success. A large,

enthusiastic crowd gathered at Atlantic & 3rd & marched to Jarboe Park and back. Men, women, teens, grandmothers, & moms with kids in strollers -- our community came out in force. If you weren't able to attend, or simply want to start your week with a reminder of how not-alone we are in our outrage & determination, check out a quick slide show of the event.

We'll be keeping you posted on more ways to take action. If you want to do more on this issue & like to postcard, Activate America is postcarding pro-choice voters in swing states nationwide to be sure they vote this year. Sign up here to help.

We know the majority of American support a woman's right to choose. It's important to express that view to our elected representatives. Even the ones who don't agree with us keep track of what their constituents have to say. Write or call Rubio & Scott today. Express yourself freely or use this script suggested by our friends at Mandarin Indivisible:

Script: Hi. I'm a constituent calling from Jacksonville. I'm calling today because I’m outraged by the Supreme Court’s decision to ignore settled law and overturn Roe v. Wade. I demand Senator [Rubio/Scott] support a filibuster carve-out for abortion access and pass H.R. 3755, Women’s Health Protection Act. The Senate must act swiftly to ensure pregnant people have continued access to abortion healthcare.

More Ways to Get Active This Week

To create the changes we want to see we all know we must educate ourselves & our neighbors on the issues and elect people who will fight for our values - in Duval, Tallahassee, and Washington DC. Here's how.

  • Thursday, July 7 - Text Out the Vote with Duval Dems - 6-7 pm. If you've never text-banked before, join this weekly group and learn how easy & satisfying it is. In one hour you can reach 1,000+ Duval Dems to remind them of the upcoming primary & general and why their vote matters. With other texters connected via Zoom, you'll also meet like-minded friends & real-time advice. Register here.

  • Thursday, July 7 - Jan 6 Virtual Watch Party - 7:30 pm. Watch this week's January 6 hearing in the company of other progressives. Click here to join this online event hosted by Broward for Progress.

  • Saturday, July 9 - Beaches Canvass for Elizabeth Andersen - 10 am. Canvass for School Board candidate Elizabeth Andersen, a dedicated educator whose election will be decided in the August primary. We're reaching out to registered Dems to be sure they vote. Register here.

  • Sunday, July 10 - Community Canvass for Elizabeth Andersen - 2:30 pm. Every Sunday until the primary, join Duval Dems canvassing across Andersen's district to get out the vote for her reelection. Register here. For more information on Andersen, to donate or request a yard sign, click here.

Indivisible 2022 Virtual Convention - Online July 12, 13 & 14

Meet activists from across the country to learn & discuss how our collective efforts can win the midterms and create more momentum for positive change. This 3-day event is open to all. Attend as much or as little as you like. Schedule & registration here.

Save These Dates!

  • Tuesday, July 12 - Phone Bank Training for Tracie Davis - 3 pm. Rep. Tracie Davis represented Duval progressives well in Tallahassee and now she's running for Florida Senate Seat 5. Though the Beaches can't vote for her, our friends at Mandarin Indivisible are phonebanking to support her. Call active Dems from your own home. Email for more info.

  • Wednesday, July 13 - The State of Beaches Policing. Join Beaches Watch as they host Atlantic Beach Police Chief Vic Gualillo, Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Gene Paul Smith, and Neptune Beach Commander Michael Key for their annual update on community safety. 7 pm at Beaches Branch Library, 600 Third Street, Neptune Beach. Questions can be submitted in advance to no later than July 11.

  • Thursday, July 14 - Angie Nixon Meet & Greet in Atlantic Beach. As a first-term state representative, Angie Nixon was a strong Duval voice in Tallahassee for sane gun control, affordable housing, fair redistricting and much more. Come meet her, get a firsthand view of the challenges we face in the next session, and learn about her priorities as she runs for another term. 7 pm at Adele Grage. RSVP here.

  • Your Item Here! Many of our members are directly involved in campaigns at the state, national & local level. If you know of upcoming volunteer opportunities BAM should know about, send them to us at

This Week's Important Reads

Forward this email to a friend!

Mid-terms are winnable if we act now!

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