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Action Alert - July 25, 2022

“Resistance isn’t enough. If we want change, we have to get out the vote.”

DaShanne Stokes

2022 Voter Guide: Everything You Need to Be a Voter!

If you are scratching your head about races on your August 23rd primary ballot, check out BAM's 2022 Midterm Election Guide. The online resource provides information about candidates in national, state, and local races for Beach voters - including four hot races that demand special attention. If you need a copy of your sample ballot, you can get one at the SOE website.

Today (July 25) is the last day to register to vote for the August 23rd Primary Election. The number of active registered voters in Florida at the end of last month decreased by a few thousand compared to 2021 - with Democrats accounting for all of the drop. Statewide, the GOP, minor parties, and unaffiliated voters (NPAs) all grew in the last six months. In Duval, DEMs continue to hold an edge with 40% of the county's 646,700 registered voters, compared to 35% GOP, 23% NPAs, and 2% for other parties. Short of importing liberals, turn-out and redoubled GOTV efforts are key to keeping the state blue and securing wins for Governor and U.S. Senator. So BE SURE YOU VOTE!!

VBM Ballot: Were You Purged?

If you were one of the 33,000 voters recently notified that you needed to update your ID information before you could vote-by-mail, please follow-up with the SOE as soon as possible! It's easy to provide this information, but critical if you want to vote by mail. According to Jax Today, nearly a third of those requesting VBM ballots were notified of missing information now required under a new state law passed in 2022. Equal numbers of DEMs and GOP voters are impacted, with older and white voters in the majority. Notably, however, the two areas in the county with the highest percentage of voters needing to update their info are the predominantly Black 32208 and 32209 ZIP codes. If you haven't signed up yet for VBM, you can still request a ballot until August 13th for the primary election.

Electoral Loopholes Targeted in Bipartisan Proposals

Seeking to avoid a repeat of the near-derailment of the electoral process in 2020, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators released legislation last week aimed at clarifying the 1887 law that governs how Congress counts Electoral College votes following a presidential election. The Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act of 2022, is designed to provide “clear guidelines for our system of certifying and counting electoral votes for President and Vice President,” according to a group of senators working on the legislation. The proposed measure offers reforms to ensure each state has a single slate of electors, clarify the role of the vice-president, establish a higher threshold for objecting to electors, and protect the popular vote. Also proposed was a second bill, the Enhanced Election and Security Act, which increases federal penalties for people convicted of threatening or intimidating election officials, poll watchers, voters, or candidates. While the bills together fall far short of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act which failed to pass the Senate earlier this year, they are a vital first step in remedying shortcomings in the 1887 law. Despite the modest reforms and bipartisan support, the bills could still hit a wall in the Senate. Take a few minutes to email or call Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and urge them to support the measures and maintain the integrity of the electoral process - a goal both parties should support.

Support Marriage Equality & Access to Contraceptives

Reacting to a concurring opinion in the Dobbs case by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the U.S. House also passed bills last week protecting marriage equality and access to contraception. The Marriage Equality Act meant to codify rights for same-sex and inter-racial marriage into federal law passed by a vote of 267 to 157 with support from all House Democrats and just 47 Republicans. Beaches Congressman John Rutherford joined a majority of GOP colleagues in voting against the measure. Rutherford also turned thumbs down on the Right to Contraception Act seeking to codify access to contraception into federal law. Despite his opposition, the bill passed by a vote of 228 to 194 split roughly along party lines with only 8 Republicans voting in favor of contraception. The bills face an uphill battle in the U.S. Senate where 10 GOP senators are needed to override an anticipated filibuster. Indivisible, BAM's national affiliate, is mounting a grass-roots campaign to pressure Senators to take up the two bills and pass them immediately. Get involved by clicking here.

Beaches Phone Bank for Tracie Davis

Democratic candidates throughout the county need our support! Help support Tracie Davis, candidate for Florida Senate District 5, by volunteering to phone fellow DEMs and reminding them to vote! Tracie fought hard as a state representative to protect voting rights, provide affordable housing and access to healthcare, and support abortion access. Sign up for the phone bank by contacting Katie Hathaway @ 704-579-0249.

More Ways to Get Involved This Week!

  • Right now - Sign a candidate petition for Josh Hicks! Let's help him get on the ballot for the 2023 Jax City Council election. He's got yard signs too. Click here to get one.

  • Sign up to Poll Watch for the Duval DEMS. They are recruiting! Sign up here.

  • Duuuval Daily Phonebank - Join the Duval Dems Call Crew on your schedule to make calls and help Get Out the Vote. Seven days a week! Sign up here.

  • Sunday, July 31 - Community Canvass for Elizabeth Andersen 10:30 a.m. Register here.

Interesting Reads

  • Tiger King Ron DeSantis targets school board elections, lauds success of redistricting effort in the opening of GOP's Sunshine Summit this weekend. Bonus: Bloody Mary recipe!

  • Missed the Crist-Fried debate? Read this analysis from Politico.

  • Is right-wing media the secret to beating DeSantis? Find out what veteran political operative Liz Smith thinks here.

  • It's not easy being Mike. SOE officials risk criminal charges under new GOP-imposed penalities. Read about what the GOP is doing to criminalize the vote in this two-part series from Florida Phoenix.

  • Let's end on an optimistic note: A new poll shows Biden & Harris would beat either Trump or DeSantis in 2024!

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Mid-terms are winnable if we act now!

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