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Action Alert - July 15th

"Last month Republicans opposed even debating, even considering the For the People Act. Senate Democrats stood united to protect our democracy and the sanctity of the vote. We must pass the For the People Act, it’s a national imperative."

- President Joe Biden, July 13, 2021

Support Biden's Call for Election Reform

As of this moment, 17 Republican-dominated states have passed 28 laws making it harder to vote. Almost 400 more are poised for consideration. These attacks at the state level make passage of the national For the People Act ever more important. BAM is joining a nationwide effort by Indivisible to urge our Senators to pass this essential reform measure and the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act. If you did not write postcards at our meeting last week, click here for contact info & suggested points to make. Please write or call today. And tomorrow as well.

Highlights from Last Week's BAM Reunion

If you couldn't join us last week you missed a great party. More than 40 BAM members & friends gathered at Adele Grage to celebrate our 2020 victories and start making plans for the work to come. We honored BAM's founder & former President Althea Lachicotte and we got to be among the first to hear from Donna Deegan about her newly formed political committee exploring a run for Mayor of Jacksonville in 2023. For photos and more details of the meeting, click here.

Public Meetings on Riverfront Parks Project

Many of us were inspired by the Riverfront Parks Now presentation at BAM's June meeting. As we've mentioned in earlier newsletters, the Jesse Ball Dupont Fund is adding momentum to this effort with a series of surveys and public meetings to explore what the citizens of Jacksonville want our riverfront to be. Several of those meetings are happening now. Click here for the full schedule and weigh in with your views.

Covid Surge in Duval -- Even Curry Agrees

It's no secret Covid cases are climbing in our area and across Florida. More than 98% of fatalities are unvaccinated - and a growing proportion of new cases are among younger people. If you're still trying to persuade people you know, perhaps the fact that Mayor Curry is strongly urging vaccination will help. And if you know someone who wants a shot but isn't sure how to find one, direct them here.

In a related Covid story, bravo to BAM member Jane Rothschild for her Letter to the Editor this week pointing up the DeSantis administration's counterproductive hypocrisy on Covid.

If You Care About Education - Save this Date!

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