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Action Alert - January 1, 2024

Three Plus Reasons for Optimism in 2024

We're starting 2024 by channeling Simon Rosenbergand highlighting three reasons he cites for optimism in 2024 --- plus adding a couple of our own.

  • We're winning! Democrats have over-performed in recent elections, despite dismal polls and predictions. Voters --and turn-out -- determine the outcome of elections, not polls.

  • The economy is ending the year on a solid note. We have seen real wage gains, a slowdown in inflation, low unemployment, and a significant drop in gas prices and other items consumers care about. Biden has given Americans a better life, fought corporate greed, and protected our rights and personal liberties.

  • Trump is carrying an "Olympic" amount of baggage into this election. Voters rejected his vision for the future of this country in 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023. They will reject it again in 2024.

  • Smart people among us have figured out that character counts. Despite criticism of his age, his policy stumbles, and messaging challenges, Biden is an empathetic leader who represents what we value most in this country. He is a good man, his likely opponent is not. Take a look at their Christmas messages

  • And finally, we are ready to work! Donna Deegan's election as Jacksonville Mayor has given us a blueprint for victory in 2024. We understand the importance of connecting with each and every voter and offering a positive vision for the future of this city (and country). Thank you for all the work you did to make it happen. Let's get ready to do it again!

Comment Now on New Rules for

Medicare Advantage Plans

The federal government is seeking comments through January 5th on new rules to better regulate Medicare Advantage Plans, an alternative to traditional Medicare offered by private insurance companies. These plans now cover nearly half of all Medicare recipients. The proposed rules are an effort to curb aggressive and misleading marketing by the companies, as well as other fraudulent practices. Advocates view these rules as a start but are calling for even stronger regulation and oversight to protect against overbilling and denial of care. The plans have been accused of exploiting Medicare and pocketing billions in profits.

Comments must be submitted through the federal register website. Indivisible New York State has put together a "how-to" step-by-step on submitting comments, as well as some talking points to help.


MLK Events: Join Us for Unity Breakfast & Parade

We are also planning to participate in the annual Martin Luther King Day parade on Monday, January 15. This year's theme is "Jacksonville: United Against Hate and Gun Violence."  The parade begins at 10 a.m. and proceeds from Lot J at Everbank Field to the Prime Osbourne Convention Center. We'll carpool from the Beach and join other groups assembling at Lot J around 10:45 a.m.  Email us if you would like to be a part of this inspiring community event!

Save the Date! Legislative Session Starts January 9th

A Few Fun Lists to Start the New Year

What's Out and What's In For 2024

(Spoiler: Moms for Liberty are definitely OUT)

81 Things that Blew Our Mind in 2023

72 of Our Favorite Facts of 2023

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