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Action Alert - August 9

Cheating on Vacation

Apologies to everyone looking forward to a full month vacation from BAM Action Alerts. But though we're all trying to relax and recharge this month, neither Covid nor politics has taken a break. Please continue to enjoy those beach books and deep breaths. But if the inescapable politics of the moment are making you itchy, here are a few events this week you should know about.

City Council Considers Covid Testing Tomorrow

As Governor DeSantis is refusing to help Floridians protect themselves from COVID-19, it’s up to local government to ensure communities have what we need to battle the ongoing pandemic - like the ability to know who's sick.

Last week, Council Members Garrett Dennis, Tommy Hazouri, and Joyce Morgan put forward an emergency measure (2021-551) to allocate $5-million towards opening free and public COVID-19 testing sites around Duval County.

It requires 13 votes to bring this up for debate on August 10. Please take a few minutes to call or write our City Council & urge them to stand up for public health.

Tuesday, 8/10 @ 6 pm - Expanding Voting Rights in a Period of Suppression

The Urban League is teaming up with League of Women Voters to present a panel on this vital issue from 6:00-7:30. Register here to get your Zoom link.

August Text Bank to Renew VBM - August 11, 18 & 25

The Duval Dems & DWIN, the Democratic Women's Information Network are continuing the vital work of contacting the more than 30,000 Democrats whose Vote by Mail status lapsed after the November election. They're holding text banks every Wednesday in August from 11:30-3 pm. You can join for any part of that time that fits your schedule. It's fun, easy, & doable from home. Click here for more info & registration.

Thursday, 8/12 - Why Home Rule Matters

As announced previously, we're not holding a BAM meeting this month to give us all a break before the work of preparing for the 2022 election begins in earnest. But our partners at Indivisible are offering a program from 7-8 pm that night you may want to join.

Recent legislative sessions have seen the state preempt local governments on a widening range of issues - from mask mandates to environmental regs, to efforts to manage AirBnB and much more. This Thursday's Indivisible Zoom will make the case for home rule and show how state preemption is hurting the state. Click here to register & get your zoom link.

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