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Action Alert - August 8, 2022

"Since he took office, this has been President Joe Biden’s argument: he would head off the global drive toward authoritarianism by showing that democracy is still the best system of government out there. At a time when authoritarians are trying to demonstrate that democracies cannot function nearly as effectively as the rule of an elite few, he is proving them wrong." - Heather Cox Richardson, 8/7/22

Senate Passes Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Time to celebrate a genuine Democratic victory! After 18 months of negotiation and frustration, Democrats in the Senate have passed a sweeping climate, health care, & tax package which also promises to reduce the deficit by $300 billion. Yesterday's vote was a pure party-line 50-50 split, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie - delivering substantive change on a range of issues President Biden campaigned on. As historian and commentator Heather Cox Richardson detailed yesterday, "This is a very big deal indeed."

The bill ushers in the most comprehensive climate investments ever passed by the Senate, the biggest changes to health care since passage of Obamacare - including finally authorizing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, all paid for by new taxes on corporations & wealthy citizens.

Not a single Republican voted for this legislation - once again casting the gulf between the two parties into stark relief. Despite relentless criticism by the press and the GOP, this legislation is only one of many significant Biden Administration achievements we should all be proud of. Read up and make sure friends & neighbors know how well Democrats are serving the interests of ordinary Americans.

Early Voting Starts Today!

If you love to vote in person, now's your chance as early voting in this year's Primary Election starts today. If you've got a Vote-by-Mail ballot, put it in the mail this week, OR deliver it to the secure drop boxes at every early voting site.

  • From Monday August 8 - Sunday, August 21 registered Duval voters can vote at any of these 20 Early Voting Sites from 10 am - 6 pm daily. (On election day, August 23, voters must use their designated polling place.)

  • If you have questions about the process, the Win Election Network's Election Quick Guide probably has the answer.

  • If you have questions about the candidates & issues check out BAM's 2022 Election Guide (which includes how to use your VBM ballot).

  • If you've voted by mail and want to check the status of your vote, click here.

  • Turnout is the key to this election. Be sure to vote, reach out to at least 4 like-minded friends to remind them to vote, and ask them to do the same. Neighbor to neighbor contact motivates voting like nothing else.

Still Deciding Your Votes? Learn More This Week

  • Tuesday, 8/9 @ 6 PM. Jacksonville Public Education Foundation (JPEF) Forum on the School Millage Referendum. Register for Zoom here.

  • Wednesday, 8/10 @ 8-9 PM. Televised Debate - JAX Sheriff's Race. WJCT & the JU Public Policy Institute are hosting all 5 candidates. Details here.

  • Beaches Watch School Board Forum. Due to a capacity crowd, many people were turned away from last week's live discussion with Elizabeth Anderson & April Carney. See the recorded version here.

  • WJCT's Jax Today offers voting guides on many races.

What You Can Do To Keep Duval Blue in 2022

Whether you have an hour or a day we need your help to win the 2022 midterms!

  • Wednesday & Thursday, 8/10&11 @ 4:45 PM. Happy Hour Canvassing at the Beach. 4:45- 6 PM. Join the Beaches Democratic Club to knock on doors encouraging GOTV and support for School Board candidate Elizabeth Andersen. Ten houses, one hour & a happy hour celebration! Register here.

  • Saturday, 8/13 - Beaches GOTV Canvass - 9:30-11:30 AM. BAM, NOW, and Beaches Dems are joining forces to turn out the vote in our area. If you've never canvassed before, this is a great chance to meet new friends and support Democratic candidates. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and a friend & help us make a difference here in JAX. Register here.

  • Saturday, 8/13 - Postcarding at Panera - 9:30-11:00. If walking in the August heat is too much for you, join JAX NOW in a postcarding effort to urge infrequent Democratic voters to turn out this election. Postcards, postage & addresses will be provided. Come & bring a friend! No registration required. Join the group at the Third Street Panera (2104 3rd Street South).

  • Sunday, 8/14 - Community Canvass for Elizabeth Andersen - 10:30-noon. Join Duval DEMS and canvass for School Board candidate Elizabeth Andersen, whose race will be decided in this primary election. Sign up here.

RideShare2Vote Needs You!

Every election season BAM members offer to help people who need rides to and from their polling place. As the general election approaches, we'll keep you posted on any locally organized efforts to help here in our area. But as a critical swing state, Florida has also attracted the attention of the only national organization focused purely on rides to the polls.

RideShare2Vote was organized back in 2018 by a Texas mother and her daughter. Since then it's grown into a national effort - focusing this year on 11 key swing states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

They offer free, roundtrip transportation to the polls for voters supporting Democratic/progressive candidates. Click here to learn more, volunteer to drive, ask for a ride, or donate.

And a Few Good Reads

Forward this to a friend! We can win if we all pitch in!

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