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Action Alert - August 31

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."                     - Mark Twain

Calling All Postcarders!

On September 24, Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballots will begin to be mailed to Duval County voters. Before that happens we want to make one last push to reach Democratic voters here in our area who have not signed up for VBM and encourage them to do so.  If you want to help and have not already been in touch with postcarding chief Brenda Wray, please email us at and let us know whether you can do 25, 50 or more cards.

Wednesday, 9/2 @7 pm - Beaches Watch  Conversation with Beaches Black Youth

Join this Zoom meeting when a panel of Beaches Black youth will talk about the challenges they have overcome in their lives, school, jobs, and community interactions. To take advantage of this opportunity to gain insight into ways our community can become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community, click here.

Saturday, 9/5 - Beaches Day of Action - 10 a.m.

Donna Deegan, Josh Hicks, and the Duval Dems are holding a combined Lit Drop at the Beaches this Saturday at 10am.  Meet in the parking lot near Panera at 899 Atlantic Blvd to pick up your turf and materials. This Covid-safe variation on canvassing means we come masked and stay distanced as we drop off information on our excellent candidates at Democratic doorsteps. Sign up here and help educate our Beaches voters.

Saturday & Sunday Phone-banking

Saturdays at 10 a.m. and Sundays at both 11 and 1, groups are gathering via Zoom to phone Duval voters and sign them up for Vote-by-Mail.  It's a great way to meet other progressives and have expert advice standing by via Zoom as you work.  As with Postcarding, we're entering the final stages of this push.  If you've ever thought you might want to reach out to voters this way, now's the time to do it. Click here for details under the heading Dialing for Dems.

Biden-Harris Yard Signs

 With just 64 days until November 3, we're all in high gear pushing toward progressive victories up and down the ballot.  In that spirit, many BAM members have been in touch asking how to get Biden-Harris yard signs.  The answer is, click here.  The Duval Democratic party is charging $15/sign. It's a good way to support the work the DEC is doing all over the county - and a good way to show our excitement about the prospect of sane, new leadership. 

Forward this post to family and friends!

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