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Action Alert - April 23, 2023

"We learn anew with every generation that democracy needs champions.” - President Joe Biden in Ireland

Ready for a Win? Help Get-Out-the-Vote This Election!

Early voting for the May 16th City Election starts May 1. We have great candidates and a majority of Duval’s registered voters. If we can get them to the polls we can win this election!! Here's how:

1. If you did this last week, thanks & congratulations. If you meant to but never got around to it, please do it now: Email at least 5 like-minded JAX voters in your contact list:

  • Be sure Beaches friends know they can vote in Duval elections. (You’d be surprised how many don’t know this.)

  • Tell your friends in 1-3 sentences why this election is so important to you & the city. If you missed last week's debate between Mayoral candidates, catch up here.

  • If they vote by mail, remind them to SIGN THEIR BALLOT and mail it NOW.

  • If they vote in person, remind them Early Voting is May 1-14, and Election Day is May 16.

  • If they need more information, send them to the BAM Election Guide.

  • Ask them to forward your email to at least 5 of their friends. Together, we can reach thousands of voters!

2. If you don’t already have candidate yard signs, email us and we'll deliver. We have signs for Deegan, Morgan and Garrison - candidates who share our views on the future of Jacksonville. You have more influence with your neighbors than you imagine. 3. Volunteer! Join your friends and neighbors in getting out the vote across the city!

  • Canvassing – Next Saturday, 4/29 join BAM & Beaches Democratic Club at 10 AM at the Jax Beach Panera to canvass. (RSVP here). For Sunday canvassing options around the city click here.

  • Text Banking - Help the Duval DEMS reach out to both Dems & NPAs to encourage them to vote. Register here.

  • Phone Banking - Don't fear the phone! Join the Duval DEMS in a "Zoom-room" and contact folks with a reminder to return their vote by mail ballots. You can participate in the whole session or jump on for 30 minutes! Register here.

  • Postcarding & Social Media - Thanks to the many of you who answered our call, BAM, NOW, & Mandarin Indivisible are writing thousands of registered Dems who skipped the primary - to urge a vote in the May election. And thanks to the many BAM members who contributed to our work, BAM is also reaching out to area voters via Facebook & Instagram. If you're active on any social platform, be sure you do the same.

We can make a difference in the outcome of this election if we act now!

Candidate Forums This Week

As noted above, if you missed last week's Action News Jax/UNF mayoral debate you can screen it here. But this week offers two additional chances to see our municipal candidates in action:

  • Monday, 4/24 - The Women’s Giving Alliance and Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center are partnering to host a Nonpartisan Candidate Forum from 5:30-7 p.m. at WJCT Studios (100 Festival Park Ave.) All candidates for each of the eight city seats on the General Election ballot are invited to discuss important issues affecting women and girls in Duval County. All are welcome but seating is limited. RSVP to attend.

  • Friday, 4/28 - @ 7 PM - Beaches Watch Mayoral Forum. Candidates Donna Deegan & Daniel Davis have both confirmed they will attend this public forum at the Beaches Vineyard Church, 751 Atlantic Blvd.

Don't Turn Away - Speak Out to Tally!

The current session of the Florida Legislature continues to hit new lows in its determination to ignore the real problems facing Floridians like gun violence and skyrocketing insurance costs while stripping us of local control and personal rights, and undercutting quality education and LGBTQ protections. With the GOP supermajority in both houses seemingly determined to ignore public outcry, it is tempting to stop reading the details or simply go numb. But the issues at stake are too important to ignore. Bills still being considered would undercut voter registration efforts, make it harder to pass constitutional amendments, repeal tuition support for Florida Dreamers, and make School Board elections partisan - and even worse. Our friends at NOW have a further list of updates on the legislative calendar. Click here for their broad overview on this session. If you see things that outrage you, take the time today to write a Letter to the Editor and educate our broader community. Polls show many Floridians do not support these measures - and many are unaware they are passing. And click here for their recommendations on letters to legislators needed this week.

Share this email with a friend! Early voting starts May 1st!

It's Time to Win!

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