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Action Alert - April 11, 2022

"Her presence itself will not fix the myriad problems we face; our challenges defy easy answers or simple remedies. But Justice Jackson personifies the hope that change is possible, that progress can be our path going forward." - Dan Rather & Elliott Kirschner

News To Celebrate -- Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed!

Though this is news everyone on this list no doubt already knows, we want a chance to celebrate together the fact that, last Thursday, by a vote of 53-47, the US Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court. Senators Collins, Mulkowski and Romney were the only Republicans to vote with the Democratic majority. As Dan Rather put it in the essay quoted above, "Despite all the problems this nation faces, despite the sordidness of the confirmation process, despite the rank hypocrisy, bombast, and lies Republican senators and their media echo chambers employed, let us not allow any of this to distract from a celebration of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and her moment." So let's all take a deep breath and savor this important victory.

We should also remember that both our FL Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio voted against this well-qualified justice. Contact them now and tell them you are one of millions of Florida voters who will remember this vote on election day.

Arts in the Park - Voter Reg Begins with a Bang!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered time & enthusiasm to our Voter Registration table at Saturday's Arts in the Park event. BAM and Beaches Democratic club members registered new voters, helped several voters change their party affiliation, signed others up for Vote-by-Mail, and were encouraged by the number of people who wanted to join our email list and help us do more in the coming year. As we were packing up to leave, a young woman ran toward us yelling “Am I too late? I just got my citizenship and I want to register to vote!”

Needless to say, we unpacked the paperwork and registered a new citizen – and a new Democrat! Welcome Marie!

Wednesday, April 13 - Indivisible Truth Brigade Tackles Ukraine Disinformation

Corporations and right-wingers are spreading a range of lies to shift the blame for inflation away from Putin's war in Ukraine and the world's dependence on fossil fuels. Learn how you can help combat the lies on this nationwide webinar at 6:30 PM. Click here to register.

Thursday, April 14 - 6-8 PM @ Manifest Distillery 960 E. Forsyth St.

These 3 remarkable women represented our interests in Tallahassee this year through one of the most difficult legislative sessions in Florida history. And this week we have a chance to meet them and show your appreciation for their hard work and perseverance. Bring a friend, meet like-minded activists, and show support for those working to make life better for all Floridians! Light appetizers will be served. Click here to RSVP.

Get to Know Our Candidates for Sheriff

We won't vote to replace Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams until 2023. But it's not too soon to educate ourselves on the candidates for this critical job. Last week the Jacksonville Young Democrats hosted a forum with all 4 Democratic candidates for the job: Lakesha Burton, Wayne Clark, Tony Cummings, and Ken Jefferson. If you weren't able to attend, a video of that meeting is here. The sounds quality is not ideal, but the candidates are worth watching.

Save These Dates

  • Tuesday, April 19 - Defend Democracy Now Rally. Our friends at the Northside Coalition and others are organizing a caravan to Tallahassee on the first day of the special session to protest the Governor's biased plans for redistricting. Cars will leave JAX at 6:30 am, rally in Tallahassee at 400 Monroe St, Tallahassee at 10 am. Register for motorcade here or call 904-530-1596 for more information.

  • Friday & Saturday, April 22&23 - AB Supply Drive for Ukrainian Refugees. The City of Atlantic Beach is partnering with Catholic Charities to help meet the urgent needs of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Kitchen & household items for families are needed. Please deliver between 9 am and 4 pm to City Hall, 800 Seminole Rd. More information here.

This Week's Extra-Credit Reads

Forward this email to a friend!

Mid-terms are winnable if we act now!

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