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Act Now to Support Jax HRO

Take action today to ensure adoption of the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance! A public hearing is scheduled on ORD 2020-244 during the May 26th City Council meeting. The meeting begins at 4 p.m. and will be held virtually via Zoom. A final vote on the proposed ordinance is expected June 9th.

The proposed ordinance:

  • Affirms the City of Jacksonville as an “inclusive and welcoming community wherein no discrimination should occur;”

  • Acknowledges the City’s significant and competitive role in Florida’s economic development in the United States and internationally;

  • Addresses the City’s desire to attract new industries, expansions, educational opportunities, cultural events, and tourism;

  • Accommodates the needs, concerns and interests of Jacksonville’s diverse religious communities and small businesses; and

  • Recognizes that “a strong LGBT community is a vital thread in the diverse tapestry of this city.”

This ordinance revises the HRO originally passed in 2017, which was overturned in court recently based on a legal technicality. The new ordinance is co-sponsored by Councilmembers Aaron Bowman, Matt Carlucci, and Leanna Cumber.

Take Action Now!

· Call or email your city councilmember' offices and ask them to vote yes on ORD 2020-244.

· Send a public comment via email (

· Join the City Council meeting at 4 pm on May 26 via Zoom.

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