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A Conversation about Social Justice

As our nation and our city continue to process the horror of George Floyd’s needless death, our search for solutions will require a lot of listening. As a first step in that process, BAM has invited leaders of two local organizations leading the calls for racial justice and police accountability here in Jacksonville to speak to our group via Zoom - at 7 p.m Thursday evening, June 11.

Ben Frazier is founder and president of the Northside Coalition, a group founded in 2015 to focus on the problems of social, racial, & economic injustice here. Christina Kittle is a leader of the Jacksonville Community Action Committee, a group that has proposed the creation of a civilian Police Accountability Council to bring elected citizens into the oversight of police conduct. Join us at 7 pm and hear what both these speakers have to tell us about the problems our community faces, and their proposals for concrete steps forward. Join our Zoom Meeting by clicking this link. If you’re already signed into Zoom, can use Meeting ID: 862 7758 7708

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