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Action Alert - August 3

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Early Voting Starts This Week!

Whether you're voting by mail or voting in person, cast your votes in the August primary. And be sure all the Florida progressives you know are voting, too. To track the status of mail-in ballots, go to and scroll down to the Voter Information Lookup.

Contact Senators About Covid Relief

The first Covid stimulus plan expired last Friday while the Senate took a long weekend.  Senators Scott and Rubio need to hear from us. We need a new bill now that renews weekly support for the unemployed, provides the estimated $3.8 billion states need to safeguard the November election, and much more. The House passed their bill in May.  Time for the Senate to act!

Weekly Phone- and Text-banking

Join Wednesday night Text-banking and Saturday morning Phone-banking groups signing Duval voters up for Vote-by-Mail and reminding them to actually vote.  It's a great way to meet other progressives and have expert advice standing by via Zoom as you work.  Click here for details.

Support Your Candidates

Campaigning during a pandemic is hard and expensive.  With no way to go door-to-door, candidates have to rely more heavily on ads - which cost a lot of money.  If you can donate to candidates you support, know that every dollar counts.  If you can't donate, go to their websites and find ways to volunteer.  If you can't volunteer, write a Letter to the Editor explaining why you support them.  Your voice matters.

August 13 - BAM's Kick-off To Victory

Save the date: On Thursday August 13 at 7 pm our monthly Zoom meeting will detail all the ways each of us can help make November 3 a new beginning for America.  As we count down to the election, we need every one involved.  Plan to come & invite friends. Check out our video invite for more information! Register here to receive info on the Zoom link.

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