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Action Alert - Week of October 19

"Don’t give up - our country needs you now more than ever. This is a pivotal moment in the history of our country: our ideals are at stake, and we all have to fight for who we are.”                        - Kamala Harris

Early Voting Starts Today!!

The great news is - Democrats have seized an early lead in the election thanks to Vote by Mail.  But as we all know, this is no time to relax.  The latest Florida poll shows a very close race and the possibility Trump could still win Florida.

The single most important thing every person reading this newsletter can do is VOTE.  Starting today and every day through November 1, Duval progressives can vote at any early voting site from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Remember your mask, take water in case lines are long, and make your voice heard.

If you have a Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballot you haven't turned in yet, bypass the Post Office and deposit your ballot in the designated drop box at every early voting site.  Thanks to prodding from a lot of health-conscious people, most early voting sites in the city have their VBM drop box outside the polling place, and many - including the Beaches Library - have convenient drive-through boxes you can use from your car. For a list of all early voting sites - and to learn what kind of VBM deposit box each has, click here.

If you're still assessing your choices, or have friends who need help decoding the ballot, check out BAM's Election 2020 Guide.

Volunteer for Signwaving & Greeting at the Polls

Let's make sure voters who come to early voting see enthusiastic support for our candidates, have the information they need to vote, and maybe water or other supplies if lines are long.  If you're interested:

  • Sign up here to take a shift signwaving at Beaches Library.

  • Click here to take a shift staffing a table outside Beaches Library offering slate information & other assistance to prospective voters who want it.

  • Click here help the Duval Dems provide these same functions at polling places across the county.

Reach Out to Friends & Triple Your Vote

Many groups are promoting a simple but effective way to increase voter turnout.  Make a commitment to deliver at least 3 more like-minded votes this year.  Whenever you cast your vote, use your own feeling of satisfaction & hope to energize phone calls & emails to  people in your circle anywhere across the country and make sure they have done the same thing.  There's no stronger motivator than personal ties.  Nag your friends & family & and sic each of them on 3 more people they know!

Thursday, October 22 - Presidential Debate

Hard to know what to say. Watch if you dare. Skip it if it costs you too much in high blood pressure and pointless screaming at the television.  Take comfort in the knowledge this is the last one.

Weekly Phone- and Text-Banking

Wednesday night text-banking, Saturday & Sunday phone-banking will all be laser focused on chasing down outstanding Vote-by-Mail ballots, and urging all Duval Dems to vote early. Remember how many Florida races have been decided by less than 1%.  We need every vote we can get.  Click here and hit the pink box labeled "Turn out the Vote" for details on how to join these efforts.

Vote Cure Volunteers Still Needed

Another way to insure every Democratic vote gets counted is by helping with the effort to "cure" ballots rejected for signature problems.  Two kinds of volunteers are needed:

  1. Join a state-wide phone bank reaching out to all voters whose ballots are rejected.  Most can fix the problem easily on their own once you explain the details.  Click here to sign up for a phone bank shift. Training will be given at the start of each calling session.

  2. Voters without a printer or smart phone need extra help.  If you're willing to go (masked & distanced) to individual voters' houses to deliver the form they need, and take a phone photo of their ID, and email these things to the SOE, register your interest here.  Then join a Zoom training next Sunday, October 25, at 2 pm.

Duval County VBM Cure at the Door Training Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 824 3239 4917

Passcode: 341908

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