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Action Alert - Week of January 4

"When the President of the United States calls up Georgia's election officials and tries to intimidate them to change the result of the election, to disenfranchise Georgia voters, to disenfranchise Black voters in Georgia who delivered this state for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that is a direct attack on our democracy." - Jon Ossoff

Tell John Rutherford He's Wrong

Our newly re-elected US House Representative is one of too-many House Republicans who are joining the President's attack on Democracy with their plan to challenge Joe Biden's election this Wednesday. This cynical and pointless effort to continue undermining public confidence in an honorably won election that has withstood more than 60 groundless lawsuits will not succeed. We've all written a blizzard of angry emails, but everyone taking part in it needs to know we are watching and won't forget.

Final Push for Georgia Senate Races

Tomorrow, January 5, Georgia voters will complete their runoff election for the two critical Senate seats that will determine a great deal about what the Biden-Harris administration can accomplish in its opening days. It's not too late to help. At this point, getting out the vote is everything.

Write/Call City Council about Lot J

On Thursday, January 7, the City Council will meet as a Committee of the Whole to vote on whether to advance the current proposal for Lot J. If 10 council members vote yes, the Council will vote again at its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 12. Final approval would require 13 votes at that session, and would lock the current proposal in. Few of the important questions raised about this proposal in December have been answered over the holidays. Urge the Council to slow this process down. There is too much taxpayer money at stake for a rush to judgment. You can find addresses and phone numbers here.

Learn More About Lot J at BAM's Jan 7 Meeting

To fully inform ourselves before a potentially critical City Council vote on January 12, the BAM Board has moved up our January meeting and invited a panel of speakers to talk about the Lot J proposal. Come join us this Thursday night at 7 pm via Zoom. Confirmed speakers include two members of the Board of OurJax, the civic group that has been outspoken in urging the city reject the current proposal and start over, and the Director of Developmental Projects for the Jags. Invitations have also been extended to Mayor Curry, Nate Monroe, and the NAACP. Click here to RSVP and get zoom information and bring your interested friends.

Petition Opposing DeSantis' Anti-Protest Bill

New Florida Majority, Jacksonville Community Action Committee, and others are circulating a petition opposing the Governor's proposed "Combating Violence, Disorder, and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act." As we've written before, this act would seriously undercut Floridians' First Amendment right to protest, and block many efforts to make the police more accountable to the public they serve. Click here to sign.

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